Focal Clear OG or Arya Stealth?

I’m looking for a headphone that provides a good soundstage, great imaging and resolution with instrument separation under 1500. I don’t have any issues with headphone comfort so you don’t have to worry about that. I have the Hifiman Sundara and love it. I also have the moondrop variations which I use all the time.

I admittingly have not heard the OG Clear. However, I have owned the Arya Stealth and you described them with what you are looking for. The only slight warning is some harshness you can get in the treble. It really sounds like you are looking for a Planar though based off of that. Focal’s aren’t known to have a ton of stage but the other requirements you stated they can meet. My 2 sense hah!


Appreciate the two cents :P. I don’t own any focal headphones yet so I am leaning that way.

Have you considered the senheiser hd800s?

You should add the Audeze LCD-X 2021 to your wishlist. It fits your sonic preferences very, very well.

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You can immediately “clear” the Clear off your list if soundstage + imaging are your top criteria, esp. the soundstage part. If you like the Sundara then the treble of other Hifimans should be fine. You’ll also get extra verticality, better bass extension (than Sundara) if you move up the Hifiman range, etc. :white_check_mark: Arya or Edition XS depending on the rest of your setup

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First, good answer. I think you’re right on here. Second, and the actual reason I’m posting, does your username refer to you selling those black rock/mineral Shungite healing stones and bracelets or is the whole ShungiteTrillionaire thing about something else entirely? Sorry for the off topic post/question, but inquiring minds want to know.

Yes, exactly that. The trillionaire part can be interpreted as investing in them, though the 2nd meaning refers to a persona called “Dr. Disrespect” who, before his ban on twitch, mentioned those stones in a livestream (I think it was his very last one) which became a bit of a meme like several things from that persona. There’s also a streamer called Dream who was accused of cheating in Minecraft speedruns b/c he had unreasonable luck (1 in 7.5 trillion) during at least one run (at first he denied it, making a answer video with counter claims and an “expert”, later on he admitted to cheating) and a cheating meme related to Dr. Disrespect (again), who admitted that he cheated on his wife on stream, so I fused them together, kinda nice cause it can be understood in non-gaming circles as well.

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I’m kinda disappointed that you aren’t actually some kind of Shungite healing stone magnate. For some reason the concept of running across somebody on an audio forum who got rich building a healing stone empire is very funny to me. I know. I’m weird, but I can’t help it…

Anyways, thanks for answering and explaining. Also, admitting to cheating on your wife on a video stream seems like a REALLY bad idea lol! :rofl: