Focal Clear vs Focal Clear MG

Anyone that has used both these? I am hearing a lot of contrasting opinions.
Some say the MG is brighter some say its darker . Some say it has less bass, some other say more bass… I am so confused and cant make up my mind on what to buy; I have the Clear and wondering if it makes sense to upgrade considering I am a basshead and usually like V shaped headphones.

Most of us owners agree on this review…


Clear MG definitely has more bass, I think you will enjoy it. It also has less lower treble presence, and I find the MG warmer and smoother than the original Clear.


Thank YOU for saying it. I agree. MG > OG


Ok thanks, this seems to be the “average” opinion but there were so many contrasting outliers. including Josh Valour on youtube.

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I’ve been scratching my head at Josh’s review since it came out, because I don’t agree with about half of what he said. I think he either had more than just a small channel imbalance wrong with his sample, or he was using it with gear that it didn’t pair well with. But like @Resolution said, Head-Fi’s review seems to be the most consistent with our experiences.