Focal control quality. Need to know the truth

What are the “poor quality controlled” Focal headphone models?

I was thinking of buying one but I see that there are complaints related to quality control.
I think these complaints may be due to:

-An amplification of the real cases (through the media) that now it seems that the focal ones are headphones of “monthly” duration.

-A real poor quality control on certain models.

-Poor quality control in all models.

I find it funny because the factor that the brand itself takes measures and varies the assembly/assembly of its products, modification of components and/or accessories (as is the case of the mythical fat and rigid cable that they gave and NO longer) is forgotten. …

I need to shed some light because it also has that Hifiman label and I have never had any problems. Regarding that brand, they may have been older models.

It should be noted that I make purchases from a reliable store that sells headphones, including Focal.

Then that’ll cover your ass :+1: I’ve not seen that many Focal QC issues on HFGF over the years…what sets are you specifically talking about? and why do you think Focal won’t address any QC issues if they occur with any set you purchase?

Maybe start a poll :sleeping:

I have heard similar noise regarding QC issues with Focal headphones. I can only share my experience, as I own the Radiance and the Elegia. Both have been great, displaying outstanding build quality while showing absolutely no signs of defect or flaw in either set. The only real “flaw” that I have experienced is the crap cable that is supplied with the headphones. Both were garbage and both have been recycled, which is a little annoying when you consider how much these things cost. Other than that, I have had a great experience with them. Hope that helps.

I don’t think Focal has widespread QC problems. But there are two models for which I have seen more failures reported than usual on headphone forums such as this.

Elegia: Headband can snap due to plastic build either over time or with careless expansion and contraction of band.

Elex: Higher-than-usual driver failures reported.

Again, this doesn’t mean Focal has QC problems. I owned a pair of Elegia and had no problems with them. Then again, I treat my gear like a newborn baby – damn near white glove treatment.

In terms of the Elegia headband problem, if you treat your gear like shit, it will treat you like shit in return. That’s pretty common with most brands that aren’t built to bombproof standards like Audio-Technica or Beyerdynamic. Super-strong construction is why you see Beyers used for recording, mixing and mastering in so many recording studios, for example.

Regarding the Elex driver failures, they seemed much more prevalent during early production runs.

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Clear and Elegia.
Curious that they say that the Elegia’s tiara breaks, what is it made of, how hard did they try to open it?
In the end it is the typical padding system used for example in the Hifiman Edition Xs.

I have never had any problems with Focal headphones. I have had, and love, my Elex’s for about two and a half years. I bought the Elegia’s, but did not care for the sound. Bought the Radiance’s and find them to be end-game closed backs. After that I bought the OG Clears. I have never had any problem with any of these headphones.
Keep in mind that people love to complain and do so loudly. The majority are, by far, satisfied and do not post about it.

Focal has great quality but, like any company, does have some occasional defects. It is not anything to worry about for the vast majority of purchasers.


I had a driver failure on my Elex, and that model specifically seems to be more prone to that issue, although there’s certainly some potential bias in my perception there given I was impacted.

However, focal don’t consider themselves to be the manufacturer of the Elex, and as such won’t do any after-sales service, and drop will only do repair/replacement during the warranty period. So if you do have a failure outside the warranty there’s no real option to get them fixed.

On the other hand they’re excellent headphones, good enough that I still bought a replacement pair after getting burned by a non-repairable driver failure. That was before the price drop on the clear though, if it was at the point it’s at now when I was purchasing a second pair I’d definitely go with the Clear instead of just for the longer warranty and better chance of focal being willing to service it if it broke outside of warranty.


out of the 3 Focals I’ve had (elegia - sold, clear and radiance - still have) I have yet to have issues but I have seen a lot of posts about DOA Elex drivers haven’t seen anything I remember about other Focals

I’ve had no complaints with the 2 Elegia that I’ve owned in the past or the Radiance I have now.

As far as the Elex, I have no presentable facts or data but I do wonder what percentage of those issues belong to Drop vs Focal.

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I’ve had driver failure on 2 models the Elex and Bathys. Elex was DOA out of the box and then the replacement lasted right up to warranty then died. Drop and focal will not help me find a solution for them. Bathys were DOA out of the box but Audio 46 is working with me on a replacement as I was in an area of the world where I couldn’t ship battery powered anything in the mail.
Doing it again I’d stay away from the Elex and just get the clear from a reputable store like I did with the bathys. Just be aware focal does not work with end customers very much in my experience and find a brick and mortar stores that will work with you for the life of the product.

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Thanks away from Elex for sure.
Regarding Clear and Elegia both have been bought either from Amazon in my country or from one (of the best) audio shops in my country.

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