🔷 Focal Elegia

Oh, yeah the Plus.

It’s quite more expensive, hee hee.
But I guess not overly when considering the cans being paired with it!

The aeon 2 c likes power, if you give it enough the bass is just great with it

Why does the Elegia retail for $400 when it was $900 at release? I’ve heard negative things about its treble and are they worth it at $400?

Just curious where is it 400? Typically it sits around 600-700 range

Most of the focal stuff MSRP is higher than it should be and then it stabilizes at it’s real price. Hifiman does this too, with the sundara retailing for 500 and then a few months later it “went on sale” for 350 which was it’s real price

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I was looking to buy those, to replace my 770, but how does it compare to other closed backs like 177x and x00?
Or other stuff in 500-700 range?

It’s got a more even neutral signature than the 177x or x00, also I would say it does a good job sounding open for a closed back. The x00 is going to be intimate and a bit more aggressive v shape, and the 177x has a bit warmer and wide signature. The elegia has the best technicalities out of the bunch but all of them are fairy detailed. The 177x and elegia provide a fair amount of isolation while the x00 is semi open and doesn’t really isolate too much and also leaks some sound. I think another comparison would be the ndh20 which is a warmer headphone too, but with a warmer studio signature

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Thanks for comparison.

I tried and really dislike the ndh20.
Also tried el-8c and dt1770
El-8 closed feels a bit clunky eve though it’s metal and reaally heavy and clamps like a mofo.

I think I’ll get the elegia on next discount. Ironically it’s much cheaper in USA than in France…

Gotcha, than I think the elegia will be up your alley :+1:

Elegia VS ESP95X (yes I’m comparing apples to oranges lol), but just about the details, does the 95X sound “unnaturally detailed” (Compression) compared to the Elegias or even Sundaras some call “detail monsters” ?

I would say the koss might be a tad bit more detailed, but not as natural sounding as the elegia. There is a bit of compression on the 95x but it isn’t bad. I think the sundara would be more similar to the 95x, but the sundara is better extended

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Would you say the 95X is a good place to start for someone looking to try out electrostats? Or is there a better option as an entry point?

I would say it is THE set to start out with estats, really cant be beat for that price and what you get for an estat

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What would you say would be the next logical step up would be?

Perhaps you would be looking in a much higher range imo. Like perhaps a l700 or 007 mk2 or mrspeakers voce or sennheiser he60 or something similar in that range

Duly noted. Future me may not like me for it, but research is always good, and so is trying new things.


That’s pretty much the definition of being an audiophile right there lol :laughing:


Oh and I just found this on Reddit, lol.


Sale on Amazon $575 with 1 (was 2 until my finger slipped and hit Buy Now) left in stock!


Lol nice, let us know what you think about them :+1:

Received yesterday, and so far so good. Really good stage for closed, and great dynamics throughout the frequency range. Definitely makes my M1070 and Aeon X sound noticably dark. Do they scale similarly as the Clear with better amplification? I’ve only run them so far on a Topping MX3, but have a SMSL SU-8/SH-8 stack I’ll try next.

Do they tube well? I only have a Loxjie P20 or Little Bear B4-X to test with.

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