🔷 Focal Elegia

I do use it and I like it. I’ve seen that controversy, but I don’t know that Rogue Amoeba ever addressed it.

Aside from the AutoEQ presets, SoundSource can also use plug-ins like the all ones Garage Band uses and also the Audeze Reveal presets. It is simply excellent, updated frequently, and worth every penny of its low price.

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Excellent, I’m going to follow up with their support about the nature of Parametric presets but otherwise I’m sold. If it can rival what Qudelix presets can do, it will be a marvel

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This is indeed the droid we’re looking for, see the response I got from their support. Literally about 30 min after I sent the request over to them!

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for getting in touch with us about your interest in our software. As noted by the Reddit user florinandrei in the post you shared, that issue was fixed in a development build two years ago. The profiles use full parametric EQ and match the dataset provided by the AutoEq project.

If you’re interested in trying SoundSource to make sure it works to your satisfaction, you can download a free trial of SoundSource from this page on our site:

Keep in mind, while using the trial, after 20 minutes of use, noise is overlaid on any audio being adjusted by SoundSource. Quit and relaunch SoundSource to reset the trial as many times as you want for further testing time.

I hope that’s helpful information but let me know if you have any other questions.

Aaron Wasserman
Rogue Amoeba

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That’s pretty a pretty forthright response.

Looks like you are good-to-go and can use other DACs and Amps in addition to the very good Qudelix 5K.

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Yea color me impressed with Rogue Amoeba, can’t wait to try out SoundSource. Parametric presets are a game changer for a lot of HP like Elegia that have great technical capability and are otherwise highly desirable, but suffer from a widely unlikeable stock FR. I’m pretty sure statistically Elegia has to have one of the least well liked stock FRs, but then applying oratory1990s profile would probably catapult this HP to most peoples’ default fav closed back in the price bracket.

What Elegia does that most other closed backs of similar pricing don’t have is the cup treatment - some sort of strategically placed padding behind the driver, that gives it this really nice decay and extra soundstage. Once EQ’d to a decent FR, suddenly this HP becomes best in price bracket for closed back, no competition that I am aware of. Add in its portability, drivability, looks for office work, comfort, and idk how you’d recommend a different set for the same use case beyond just major stock FR preference.


I’ve been late to the game with getting the elegia but could not pass up a good deal at adorama. These are the best closed back I have ever heard. Really enjoy the tuning.


I love mine. You should look into doing a pad swap

I did this and It’s a really nice improvement over the stock pads.

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To be honest I kinda like the stock pads they are comfortable and the bass is perfect.

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