Focal Elex and SP200

I just got my new pair of Focal Elex in the mail and wanted to try them out with my setup (Kadas Tone 2 Pro + SMSL SP200). I only get some slight noises out of them even though im on high gain and knob max.
I read the SP200 should drive nearly any headphones and my Fostex t60rp work great on this set up.
So do you guys have any solution for this or any idea why this could happen?

Do you use normal RCA or XLR cables between them?

Do you have the accessory cables it needs (sold separately)?

Because if you have regular RCA or XLR cables, no bueno. As you know = only noise.

Or there is some f-up setting in use, that you might have to change.
Manual for settings changes is a must.

Yes i got the Khadas XLR and (still) the stock Focal XLR. Need to try out some settings of the tone 2 when im home again, but not sure if this will do much.

Ok, i guess there was never a slight noise. the wire of the coil (both sides!!) broke of, nice

Wow! How does that even happen, hopefully you can exchange them. The sp200 is a beast of an amp for headphones (power wise) and Focal don’t normally require much power at all in my experience

I guess it came from the overseas shipping. So I could’t really exchange them, therefore I had to solder it myself. However, they work now.


Nice!! Glad you got them sorted.

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