Focal Elex - Dac/Amp Recommendation

I just picked up the Focal Elex and am in need of a Dac/Amp to power them. I’ll mainly be streaming hi-res from Qobuz via my phone. I’m looking for recommendations under $350. JDS Labs Element (overkill?), Monoprice THX portable? Separate amp/dac? Or spend $150 more and get the THX?

They aren’t very power hungry at all. Something like a JDS Labs Atom works well (first-hand experience with that one). I would think a hybrid amp or tubes would sound really good on them, too, as they can be a bit bright.

I just went with the Elex too and decided to try the Klipsch Heritage amp/dac with it. I’ll see what it is like when everything arrives in a few days.

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Massdrops cavali tube hybrid pairs really well. I also second the Atom. I had the Element paired for awhile with the Elex and really enjoyed it too…honestly can’t go wrong with JDS gear lol.

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Klipsch heritage is currently at the top of my list for my Elex, any updates?

Klipsch heritage is a beautiful machine and quite powerful. It more than drives the Elex ( balanced) at the 10-11 o clock position on low gain. Heritage was the first amp to run my fostex t40rp well and have room to spare.

The knob and switches are incredibly satisfying.

Combined with the Elex, the two offer a very clean sound with great separation. Treble is amazing and mid bass really shines, but I think everything just sounds like an amazing reference package with extra excitement brought in by the Elex.

I’d be happy to answer any specific questions you might have.

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Excellent, I think I’m going to go ahead and order one next week. Thanks for the quick feedback!