Focal Elex, HD660s vs Hifiman Sundara

My current hp are the Focal Elex, HD660s, HD58x & the Grado 80e. I’ve always been curious about the Sundara, but have I already moved passed them? I mostly listen to the Elex > 660s > Grados. Thanks for reading.

no planars in your list, so you haven’t gone beyond them. :slight_smile:

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Personal preference. My collection and preferences are:
Tier 1

  1. Focal Elex
  2. Grado GH2’s
  3. CFA Cascade

Tier 2
4) Tie with HD660’s and Sundara’s.
I used to have the HD58X’s and found the HD660’s a step up.

I have had my Sundara’s for a long time but am currently doing a planar competition. :grinning: