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This is the official thread for the Focal Elex. This thread is for discussion and reviews.

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Was able to get a couple week old pair for $500. I’m really happy with deal, and omg, they’re amazing!

How much of an upgrade between the Focal Elex vs HD58x Jubilee?

Massive imo. To the point of being hard to compare them, though I would keep the 58X around for fun or to mix things up sometimes. It can be nice to have multiple cans. Either way Elex is on a whole different level.


Just rewatched your review. Thanks a lot. Now my wallet is going to be a bit lighter now. How do you like the elex off of the THX 789?

Is it true Elex is Elear with Clear pads? Thanks

Thinking of getting these, as I have Focal towers and love them. But Zeos’ review of the Klipsch HP3 has me wondering if the extra $500 would be worth it. Maybe get the Elex and a $500 amp?

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I’ve heard mixed opinions about soundstage on the elex, could anyone elaborate?

That’s what I’m doing - Elex and Klipsch Heritage. I’ll see how it turns out in a few days.

I’m selling my Elex if anyone is interested…I have the Clears and other TOTL headphones so they don’t get used anymore.

So I recently got these. Overall not what I expected. My first impression was calling this a “super HD 650” is not a good characterization. Most notably it lacks the warmth the HD 650 has. One other thing I found was higher pitched female vocals tended to sound a bit harsh. Though that’s not something any of the reviewers found. Other than that I’ve like them. But I will probably only be using them with the Schiit Loki activated to mainly give it some extra warmth.

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Agree completely. I’m totally missing the “super HD650” comparison. I don’t hear it at all. Also the clipping issue with these made me sad.

Just returned mine. I had to go at extra lengths and have my manager (lol) bring them to Europe for me. Immagine how gutted I was when the pop and crackle was coming in way too soon.

I ran them off a RME ADI2 DAC and even with all settings to stock and no EQ it still popped way to early in any song with some serious low end.

Massdrop customer support was excellent however. I got an RMA and prepaid UPS label and within 15 days had my money back.

Not sure honestly. I’ve heard that a lot. It’s entirely possible as pads can make a huge difference at times. Either way the Elex is a huge improvement over Elear.


Hey DMS, did you ever notice the clipping issue with the Elex?


I can’t speak to the 58X but the Elex has made me almost shelf my 660S. I pull them out every once in awhile but I probably listen to these Elex’s almost as much (if not more) as my 800S’s

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I’m breaking mine in at the moment…

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Have they broken in yet?

Does anyone have pad recommendations for the Elex? I’m finding the stock pads to be too soft.