🔶 Focal Elex

Zmf did just announce today some focal pads and per his measurement it’s pretty close to an elex pad :wink:


You’re kidding, today? Talk about timing!

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Watch the video it is pretty good…I am thinking about ordering a pair for when I need to replace my pads

I ordered the lambskin. Can’t be worse than they are at this point, as they’re unbearable. The fibers make my head itch they’ve become so worn.

When you get them tell how they sound cause my elegia need some new pads soon ^^

Have you looked at the Dekoni Stellia pads? They are Great on the Elegia’s. Keeps the overall sound, but basses them up a bit. I tried the sheepskins, but they just made a mess of things.

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Nah in Europe they cost nearly 150€ so those aren’t an option :sob:

Yeah, same in Canada. I got the Sheepskins on a real good deal through Wal-Mart.ca and the Stellia pads used.

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Alright my 15 minute impression is they are really close. My ears aren’t anywhere near golden, but to me, it maybe widened the sound a little, which could easily be because of how worn out my original pads are. Also, you’re going to want a soft plastic shim to remove them as you go back and forth to compare, they don’t pop off as easily as the Focal ones. If drop sells a new set of Focal pads, I’ll pick those up too to compare with a fresh set, but I am completely satisfied with the ZMF perforated lambskin.

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Good to hear and the soundstage could simply come from the fact that they are a bit thicker.
Nonetheless thx for your quick impressions ^^

Anyone have a good suggestion for compatible all in one dac/amp combo? I am currently running a d10 and schitt magni but looking to clean up my desk set up a bit and try balanced.

I probably should make a note here. I recently bought the Clears and spent 17 straight days with them. I was tossing in the Elex’s here and there. I have to say the difference is not huge at all. I do find that The Clears have a lot more bass, but I actually preferred the Elex’s on some vocal tracks.

If upgrading do not expect a huge difference. I was going to wait until the Elex’s broke, but they are still going strong and the OG Clears got discontinued. So I decided that I better grab them now. I ended up getting a Great deal and in Canada they have a three year warranty.

Once you get into mid-fi, the upgrades are often a little underwhelming. It is NOT like going from entry level to mid-fi.
Although I have to admit that the Radiance headphones were a big step up from all my other closed backs. Of course so was the price. :grin:


Have next to nothing experience with others but the RME ADI-2 DAC FS (AK4493) is doing good here.
Almost 2 years now and zero “need” to upgrade at this point but speakers are main intake.

Came back to say that after about 20 months of using these as a daily driver and taking very good care of them, I had my headband fail and crack. Fortunately I’m still under warranty, but I don’t foresee myself buying another Focal product.

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Has anyone tried any of the focal pads from China? There seems to be some sellers on ebay and AliExpress with focal replica pads for all models and look very close to the originals.