Focal fan boy/girl?

you might need this?..

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Omg please. I dream of entering a contest and wining this

First I’ve heard of the Focal portable Questyle. Seems like you get it thrown in for the price of the Utopia from a bunch of websites right now:

I really like my qp2r, but I actually don’t think it pairs the best with the clears, although it is a pleasing combo

When your markup is 10000%, you can throw in free players =D

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a view behind the scenes at Focal’s Speaker factorys

Does anyone else hate Darko bedsides me? for some reason he gets on my nerves

I actually really like his approach, he’s one of the few people who’ll admit it’s more about exposing people to options than it is about definitively recommending something.

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I don’t hate him or love him I like his approach and appreciation for most gear. His budget side of things in terms of reccs are a bit outdated though

Car stuff:

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Focal is definitely my preferred brand alongside Sennheiser.

Due to the tonal settings and their processing quality,and my own previous experiences;
FOR ME, headphones of these brands are blindly trusted.

For this reason, I have already pre-ordered the Celestee and hope to receive it right away when it hits the market, here in Germany.