Focal Sphear Wireless hissing/self-noise/white noise


This is my first post here, so please have patience with me :slight_smile:

Today I have purchased Focal Sphear Wireless in-ear headphones and while I was very content with the sound quality while doing some listening in the local hi-fi store, I didn’t notice one thing about them…

When I returned home and paired them with my phone, I have noticed that when they are in “ready to play” mode (they mute themselves when hey sense there is no sound to be played soon) they produce noticeable white noise/self-noise/hissing. Even when I play some of the songs I have in my collection I still hear this hiss…

Is this normal? Could be this be a defective unit? Should I return them and ask for a refund?

Do you guys have any advice for me?

Many bluetooth headphones have that background noise, as well does many amps. It’s pretty much due to the sensitivity in the drivers and the low noise floor of the amp in the bluetooth module.

I don’t know if these are known for having it, but like 95% of the bluetooth devices I’ve used have some background noise.

What he typed.
It’s a thing. Without any connection they might very quiet but as soon the Media device is connected, there it is.