Focal stellia vs Thieaudio v16 divinity

Hello, these two headphones are very unrelated to each other, but I’m still stuck between the two. Which one should I get? This is the first time I will try such a high-end headset and frankly, I want it to be at a very good level. Can you help me? I’m curious about your opinions and suggestions.

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Can’t comment on stellia although I’ve heard differing opinions on it @WaveTheory? but when it comes to IEM’s there are a lot that graph similar to divinity and vary in price quite a bit…

It would probably be beneficial if you posted a dedicated thread in the IEM section regarding the divinity stating your preferred tuning preferences, genres you listen to, budget and how or what you’re intending to use as a source etc :+1:

I can only speak for the Stellia. It’s the best headphone I’ve heard, open or closed back. I heard the Utopia 2020, too, and I preferred the Stellia.

That’s bizarre, as I usually vastly prefer open-back cans. So, the Stellia must be good! :slight_smile:

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the Stellia are tear jerkers! they almost brought me to tears listening to them…it was a euphoric experience.

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Maybe it’s because I’m not using the Stellia pads (the pair I got had pads that were unusable, so they gave me stock Elegia pads instead), but I definitely preferred my HE1000v2, Verité Open, and even kind of enjoy my Clear MG a little more… I’m planning to get the Dekoni custom series Stellia replacement pads to see if that’ll fix them for me, though I might end up needing to spend almost $300 to get the stock Stellia pads since I’ve heard that even Dekoni’s replacements can’t compare.

I heard a Stellia at a show and wasn’t impressed at all. I found the Clear MG to be better in every way.

Huge grain of salt though, I was listening to whatever random song they had on demo but I shut it down after 30 seconds because it was bad. I usually try to find the good in stuff and kinda like everything, but the Stellia was one of the few that I instantly thought was trash.

I haven’t heard the V16 but I’d choose them over the Stellia personally, due to my limited demo.

Both Stellia and V16 Divinity are kinda harman inspired, but Stellia is more tonally off. V16 Divinity is not shouty like true Harman btw. Considering it’s much cheaper, if picking between the two, I’d take the V16 Divinity and still have money left over to buy something else.

Focal is more well-regarded for open backs. From what I typically see, for closed backs, ZMF Verite Closed, Atrium Closed and DCA Stealth are the well regarded ones.