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You could probably ask focal for serial numbers that correlate the year…
As for differences, as far as I know, there are none besides accessories.
2020 version comes with different cables and the hardshell case, that’s it.


I was able to confirm its 2020 from the accessories


I don’t know if it’s just me, but is his take on source gear kinda flawed? So firstly, I would entirely disagree that a black label is good for these headphones, it will get them loud sure, but it’s really not going to take advantage of what these headphones have to offer. You will get decent sound, but I can’t really say that you will get what you pay for with a BL, there’s so so much more that headphone is capable of. Still decent experience though, if you haven’t heard many headphones in that range it’s still going to be impressive (but if you have it might make the utopia seem like a let down, at least assuming you heard those other headphones on nicer source gear lol)

Regardless of that, his comment on of another way of looking at it is really weird and what I would disagree with more. How is using a handicapped source assessing the “raw” performance of the headphone? Consider, a headphone can only reproduce what it’s given, so how is limiting what it’s given allowing it to show it’s raw performance? In order to show raw performance, you would actually want the best source gear you can get your hands on, since that truly tests the limits of what the headphone can do and how far it can go. A chain is only strong as it’s weakest link, so I don’t understand how purposefully inserting a weak link in the chain and then assessing the strength of that chain is a good idea. It’s like breaking the legs of a runner and then having them hobble around a track and calling that their raw performance

Also, if someone is buying this caliber of headphones, I would also wager a fair amount have the funds and insight to prep their source chain accordingly too, so I think it’s also unrealistic to assess a headphone that he even says is mainly driven on higher end gear on a lower end source because it’s unrepresentative of the experience buyers may have. If you don’t have access to kilobuck sources, you really shouldn’t be buying a utopia imo, you’d be better getting a clear and then upping source along with it, and if you are stretching that much for a headphone to where it would take all your remaining budget that just sounds like a bad financial decision to me (but it’s fine to make those once in awhile for audio lol)

I get the value of assessing a headphone on a lower end source for context in how it reacts for those not ready to make that step yet, but that’s something you do alongside the more appropriate source gear for headphone and note both sides, not exclusively on the handicapped source, imo that’s just misrepresenting the headphone more than not. And if you only have lower end sources at hand, at least use many different combinations and note how things change and react to find the best synergy to try and give more insight instead of only focusing on one single chain

Again this is coming from someone who has put down for the source for these headphones, but I learned the hard way how disappointing the utopia can be on the wrong or lackluster sources lol. I actually chose the clear over the utopia years ago when I had an in home demo, because the utopia was just really not a good match with my sources and I didn’t see the value since I didn’t think it was that much better than a clear (but I didn’t know that at the time). But later on after trying more source options, I was able to finally see that substantial leap over the clear and make the headphone totally worthwhile once I got an appropriate chain for it


Today we compare the Audeze LCD-5 and the legendary Focal Utopia Flagship Headphones! Which headphone will be King!?


Another fun Focal Video comparing two excellent headphones!

My Utopia 2022 review is published now for those interested: TechPowerUp

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Here are my thoughts on the Utopia 2022 vs. the Original Utopia! We hope you enjoy!

Focal Utopia 2022 New Flagship Headphones with comparisons to the Original Focal Utopia Headphones!


I found the 2020 version with a discounted price, $3200 and it can be paid in 5 months with $640 payments. I’m a bit confused about whether I should buy it or go/wait for the 2022 version. What do you think?

Honestly I think it depends on your source chain. From what I gather utopia any model year are very picky with amps and DAC’s. So either one you buy be prepared to start playing with more gear lol.

Happy Holidays from all of us at TSAV! If you are trying to decide which flagship headphones you want to ring in the New Year check out today’s video premiering at 8 am PT!

Focal Utopia 2022 vs. DCA Expanse vs. Meze Elite vs. Audeze LCD 5 Headphones Happy Holidays, TSAV!

There are many utopias that go around the $2k range on the used market (not the utopia22). But they are very picky so you have to put in some work if you haven’t already

I hope you were able to jump on Adorama’s Xmas deal, where they were selling new Utopia 2020’s (or new old stock [NOS] if Focal already stopped production) for $2700, which included Focal’s 5 year warranty.

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Despite having only spent about six hours with them so far, and even though I don’t have the amp and DAC that I’m going to be pairing them with yet, I am very much ready to say that this was a good purchase.