Foobar eq software issues and What do you use?

What do you use for eqing in Foobar, right now I’m using easyQ. I have several problems. One is the window is so freakin tiny, but it’s workable. It also crashes foobar whenever I mess with it, but it’s whatever…vst plugins am I right. The largest issue is sometimes the difference between Peace and EasyQ is massive, but most of the time it is smaller.

Anyone got any advice? Should I buy a equalizer plugin, if so what do you use and how has your experience been? I do eq’s on all my headphones so it would get used, so maybe the payed equalizer route would be worth it.

It give Apo as Eq for windows.
It was not mine i have buy a Anolog Eq.

I would say that either go Equalizer APO route with Peace, available easily online and free. or you could purchase a (hardware) Loki mini from Schiit audio. There are many other hardware based eq options as well as software options. Another would be (software) Viper for Windows I believe.