Foobar + S9Pro question

Hi experts
Recently got a Hidizs S9Pro. (And shuoer s12…wow).
Mostly use it with an android phone.
I love foobar but I’m using the Hiby player in order to listen with the best quality/bitrate/sample rate with no degradation. Easy to set it for that.
But can l set foobar for that too? So far l can’t figure it out. When using foobar l believe the chain goes through the os/phone dac and is not as optimal as when using the Hiby app.
Hope my question came across well haha
Thank you!

I use foobar on my phone too but I’m not sure thats possible. Neutronmp and uaap are the only other bit perfect alternatives to the hiby player that I know. I highly recommend the one off payment for uaap for the interface and settings available

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Thank you !