For my future reference(Speaker setup help)

I have two powered monitors connected to a pre-amp right now and would like to know what I would need in general to upgrade that to a 2.1 setup/ add a sub. I’ll be doing this in a month-ish so I want to figure all the stuff out early.

Thanks in advance

The speakers are JBL 104’s connected to a Micca Origen (the newest one, I don’t remember the full name).

I think you could split the output with a y splitter and run to the sub and the powered speakers…?

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Thanks, I’ll check it out

if your sub has single LFE input use this after 3.5 mm splitter…

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Another option is to find a Sub that has RCA passthrough, like the attached back panel of a random one I found.

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Thanks, I’ll look into it

Take a look at the JBL LSR 310 S, Adam Sub 7 or the Fluid Audio F8S Subwoofer. This is high-quality pro equipment and with XLR a good idea for the long cable paths caused by the subwoofer. Just before the JBL 104 use a Neurik converter. I do not really recommend cheaper subwoofers.