For those looking to hear something a bit different... Ara Dinkjian

Yesterday I stumbled upon one of my favorite oud player’s performance from a few years back. Ara Dinkjian is a very famous oud player, usualy does solo stuff or more melodic/traditional Armenian music, but in this instance he is with a full band and accompanied by some serious top notch musicians. The recording actually sounds pretty good for a YouTube video in my opinion. There are a some awesome solos and stuff in this.
Tamer Pinarbasia - Kanun
Ismail Lumanovski - Clarinet
Ara Dinkjian - Oud
Panagiotis Andreou - Bass
Marius van den Brink - Keyboard
Engin Gunaydin - Drums


Not something i listen to usually, but found this one quite interesting… there is almost something “progrock” over that performance (think the way the rythm in parts drives the song forward helps in that regard). And the i liked the sound/mix on the recording, as it was warm and relaxed

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the guy on the clarinet was seriously impressive, and i agree, some rock elements which made this performance stand out to me. there’s a few others of Dinkijian and this exact band, and of course a lot of his other mellow stuff everywhere.

Haha, I have a cousin that plays the Bouzouki professionally. This reminds me exactly of him! Armenians and Greeks very similar.

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yeah man awesome!

couple bands that fall roughly into this category but a little more mainstream:


both bands are similar in principle use cellos to play lots of covers of rock and metal, and their own works too. check them if interested heres one of each of their covers

2cellos plays AC/DC’s thunderstuck…i thought it was cool af this was the first song i discovered of theirs

apocalyptica plays metallica’s enter sandman. they also have covers of slayer and a pretty solid chunk of original content that i really enjoy. check them out and let me know what you think
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