For those who have used drop (this true?)

I had actually heard that if u buy o drop it takes WEEKS to ship and then arrive. But here it says it will ship in a day. Is that true?

It depends on the item. That would be correct. If you order for the first time, you should qualify for additional discounts if it is a Massdrop made item.


They do keep some things in stock.
There is also usually a small window after a drop ships out to customers where they sell additional units that ship immediately.


Oooooooh! So I should be able to get these down to 110! And nice to know thnx I actually got 100 extra bucks btw so I was able to buy the 58x, will be able to buy the 4xx AND a fiio mark ii

So it’s only when they are not in stock that they ship way later?

Most drops are really advanced orders that will be fulfilled in bulk later by a manufacturer.
Basically they are taking advanced payment, then having an order fullfilled, if it includes actually having a manufacturer setup a production line, that can take months.
I’ve joined drops with 9 month lead times, they are upfront about it, because of the vagaries of manufacturing, sometimes those dates slip further.
I’ve always gotten what I ordered.

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I see, damn that’s tough! But these in particular based on what it says, that won’t be the case correct?

Yes it’s an in stock item.
I’ve seen them take a day or two to actually ship when I order over a weekend.
But the shipping methods is so slow it really makes no difference.
Items ship Fedex or USPS, and it’s the slowest possible method provided by either, usually about 8 days for me, I’m on the West coast and everything I order seems to ship from PA.

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Oh I see, hmmm I guess I can wait but I might buy it elsewhere if so. Thnx!

Yall know if n&t electronics is good and legit?

Never heard of them. But it’s through Google shopping so its backed by some type of resolution process with Google support, in case of an issue. Not sure if you can add that coupon for an additional 20%.

Save 20% extra, up to $20.

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You can actually see above the buy button whether it’s in stock or a “drop”.


oh interesting! i see, thnx for the info

if its a massdrop made item they typically ship out in no time. unless it as something like x aount of days left then it will take about a month to ship out.

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If it’s in stock and you choose 2 day shipping for the extra cost… (usually +15) then you get it in about 2-3 days. That’s been my experience at least.

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Never used drop, but HE4XXs are a “Massdrop” version of Hifiman He-400i’s, I think.
So, either you get it from Massdrop, or you get it from someone else… but this someone else bought it from Massdrop anyway.

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