Forcing "Faux 7.1" on my Onkyo receiver

Heya folks,

I’m currently running a 7.1 surround with my Onkyo TX-NR686 receiver. I’ve confirmed that the surrounds work for movies and games, and that the fronts and sub play with standard stereo music. However, I know there’s a way to force a faux 7.1 from a stereo track, I recall the receiver doing it when I was messing with it earlier, I just haven’t found a way to re-enable it. Maybe I’m just going crazy. If it helps, the input signal is an HDMI from my Windows 10 PC.

Any tips would be a huge help!

All you have to do is manually turn the processing back to DD-Surround. Meaning, if your music player is auto-switching to Direct, you just set it back to DD-Surround. I hope this helps.

A good starting point, but even a skim through the manual couldn’t tell me how to switch back to DD-Surround. Any chance you could walk me through it?

Yep, turn the very left knob called “Listening Mode”
It should allow you to cycle through all of the different processors.

The closest thing to DD-Surround that I have is Dolby Audio - Surround, which is what I usually use when playing surround content. However, when a stereo signal comes in over HDMI, ie Spotify, it just comes out of the fronts.

Sorry my man, I have the same receiver and just tested it right now. I have music coming out of all channels on DD-Surr. Are you running Spotify out of your TV or just out of the receiver by itself sort of like a radio?

Also, out of curiosity, why 7 channel music? lol

I’m running Spotify on the PC, but I’m also running a FLAC library and a lot of 2.0 stereo media, this isn’t just for Spotify of course. I wonder why DD-Surr isn’t showing up for me. Maybe I’ll have to take another dive into the manual.

As for the whole why part, curiosity is just the thing. When I get a new piece of equipment I like to mess with it just for giggles. I’m sure a stereo signal algorithmically split into a surround sounds like garbage, but I won’t know till I mess with it myself, y’know?

Are you able to run movies and TV in 7.1 just fine?

Yeah, surround movies play just fine through Kodi.