Formating & Forum Advice Thread

As I could not find any thread on here with these, I thought I would write one.


Because I am somewhat familiar with the forum software (Discourse) because the L1T Forum uses the same software.
And because it was missing.


1) Formatting
2) Other features
3) Misc tricks

Cursive Text

*Cursive Text*

Alternatively: _Cursive Text_

Bold Text

**Bold Text**

Alternatively: __Bold Text__

Strike through

<s>Strike through</s>




## Headline

The # can be stacked to make smaller headlines.

Block Quote

> Block Quote

Alternatively: image

<br> inserts a line break, useful for lists.

______ <- Usually makes a line, but with the color settings, it is hard to see :wink: .

Screenshot from other forum showing line:

2) Other Features


Column 1 Column 2 Column 3
1 2 3
Column 1 | Column 2 | Column 3
1 | 2 | 3
A | B | C

Code tags
(important to show other people formating and stuff :stuck_out_tongue:)

Your <br> stuff here[

[code]Your stuff here[/code]

Bullet points

  • Bullet point
  • Bullet point
  • Bullet point

Also here: image
Just to show different signs work (pick one):

- Bullet point
+ Bullet point
* Bullet point


  1. Point 1
  2. Point 2
  1. Point 3
  2. Point 4
    Also here: image
1) Point 1
2) Point 2
3. Point 3
4. Point 4

Spoiler tag (not activated)
[spoiler]Blurry text or image[/spoiler]

[spoiler]Blurry text or image[/spoiler]

[quote]What was said somewhere[/quote]

Also: When you highlight someone elses post, it will give you an option to quote:
This will notifiy the user of you mentioning them. A good way to respond to multiple users at once.

3) Misc tricks

Link description < Link to Z’s channel

[Link description](


You can break up a list of bullet points using <br>

  • Point 1
  • Point 2

  • Point 3
  • Point 4
- Point 1
- Point 2
- Point 3
- Point 4

You can also include Polls into your post!
I recommend you use the popup to create them:

  • Option 1
  • Option 2

0 voters

[poll type=regular results=always public=true]
* Option 1
* Option 2

Other things:

  • Images can placed by Crtl+V or rightclick > paste
  • #off-topic-new lets you link to categories: #off-topic-new
  • @User mentiones a user (notifies them) so you can invite them to join the conversation

  • Clicking the 3 dots gives you the option to bookmark a specific post:
    You can find you bookmarks here:
  • Workarround for this one: image
    Include <Your minimum character filler> in your post.

I hope this comes in handy from time to time.


Nice, helpful formatting tips and tricks that I can ignore with walls of text. Great guide :+1:

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Better have them and not use them than not having them at all.

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Thread controls

Posted with a spelling error in the title or in the wrong category?
(Also applies to TL3 users = Regulars)

Scroll to the start and click the pencil.

Make your changes, then click the checkmark (or in case you don’t want to change, just the X)

Bottom Menu
This menu lets you:

  • Share the thread via link
    The share button also lets you invite users via their username or email
    Alternatively, you can @Username_Here any user in your post.

  • Bookmark lets you bookmark the thread or clear bookmarks made to posts in the thread (more info on bookmarks below).
    Your bookmarks show up in your user menu here:

  • Flag a post that does not fit in to the forum, is spam, etc.

  • The Bell lets you set notification options for the thread.

Post Controls

Made a spelling mistake or want to keep the slightly off-topic discussion isolated?
Click the pencil below your post
Note: Edits are limited in number and the option times out after a few weeks

Said something you in hindsight don’t want to have in the thread?
Click the three dots,
Then click the trash can:

As you have the three dots menu open:
This here lets you reply to a post with a new topic (or get a link to that post in the thread you are looking at).
The linked topic function is nice to not derail a thread…

Flag function
This is for when a post is spam, someone misbehaves or is grosely off-topic.
Flag-Options include:

You can bookmark a thread or a specific post in a thread.

The bookmark menu lets you set a reminder and a reason.
Notice the cog reveals an option to delete the boomark when the reminder notification is sent.

Settings (only TL3 and up)
Lets you turn your post into a wiki making it editable by other users.
Also has the moderation options in there :wink:


Thanks for this thread. I was wondering how to strike through text. I wish there was a dedicated button for it.
You should also consider changing the thread title. I didn’t know what this thread was until I looked

Open to suggestions

I would have called it something like Forum Thread and text formatting guide.
Since most people probably aren’t aware of what Discourse is

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