Fostex Dekoni Blue Specific Music Recommendations

I’ve decided to make specific playlists for each HP and IEM that i get. Recently I’ve purchased a pair of Dekoni Blue. I’m in search of music that works particularly well with these headphones and am asking for your input.

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I too make playlists for my headphones/IEMs!

When I first got the Dekoni Blue headphones, I was listening to Kanji Title by Tanuki, and I found the track “ganbare”/“がんばれ” particularly enjoyable. I don’t know what genre this is, but I think it makes good use of the speed and bass of the Blues.

Also I like lo-fi on that set. Summers Day by Jinsang was something I enjoyed a lot when I got my Blues.

The Samurai Champloo soundtrack is a classic, Aruarian Dance, Tsurugi no Mai, and Shiki no Uta/Song of the Seasons are some of my favorites.

I hope you enjoy the Blues!

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What pads are you using? Or have you tried pad swapping?

The Blue’s come with two pairs of pads. The slanted ones which they specifically designed for the headphones which is a hybrid. The other pair is velour I believe. I use the slanted ones. they make the sound more intense and intimate imo. But if you want a more correct or relaxed experience you should swap pads.

-_- I already have a pair and even have a thread going threw balance modding them. I’m using the Dekoni Platinum Pleather pads for both the sound signature and comfort. If I throw my ZMF sheepskin ovals on, the bass gets to be a bit much. I actually don’t like the “made for these headphones” slightly angled hybrid pads.