Fostex purpleheart or denon d7200

hi i doubt which i want.
they cost where I live now just as expensive (the Netherlands)
580 euros fostex and 595 euros for the denon.
which would you grab

I would say it would depend on what you like more. The purplehearts are an aggressive v shaped sound with alot more bass, while the denons are a bit more relaxed and balanced sounding

any option to test them, or at least one? that way you know if you like or don’t like one, leaving the other to find out. :wink:

I can’t test them both.
in terms of appearance, I also think denon is nicer.
my question is do the denons have more bass like seinhesser hd58x and philips shp9500.
I do this with ifi nano IDSD black label and with a Marantz hd dac 1

I think both have a fair bit better bass imo compared to those headphones. The purple heart is just a way more bass focused headphone compared to the Denon. Also I think the Denon is a bit more refined and detailed

I will order the Denons 30 day refund.
and the store is nearby. thanks


I have the Fostex TR X00 Mahagony and the Denon Ah D7200.
When i compare it i can say the Denon are after hearing of hours a little bit better i find.


The Bass are very Good and on Point.
The Middle very clean and on point too.
Treble are not so sharp as the Mahagony version.
But you can adjust it with the Equalizer when you would.

From Build Quality the Denon are very Good.The Fostex is a little bit fragil.
The Earpads are very Good directly on Point.I like this.And for Glassesviewer no problem.
The Haedband are not so good but i can live with it.
The same i have with the Fostex.

Soundstage are a little bit smaller as the Fostex.
I find they are intimate but the Denon is it more a little bit.

The Fostex Mahagony
The Bass i find it better on the Denon.Is more on Point and beautiful
Is here on the Fostex but not so punchy.
The Middle same as the Denon.
The Treble sharp as the Denon i find this not so good.
But clean and clear.

With the Equalizer is it possible to fix them.
The Fostex is a little bit better in dynamics i find.
Fostex say let‘s play,the Denon is whhhaaat we play,okay we play.

A Good buying argument the Denon is out of the Box for the most perfect.
Don‘t need to buy Earpads seperatly or needing a Mod.
The best Mod and Earpads have the Lawton Audio for the Fostex.
Is nearly on the original Earpads. And his Mods are very good.
But you need 150$ more for it when you would them.

So the Purple heart cost 500$ in Europe,the Denon a little bit more.
But when you buy the Mods you dispend the same money. And a another thing the Denon are actually newer as the Fostex in technical things.

When you can live with the Equalizer they are a two goods Headphone.But the Denon are a little bit better in all i find not many.

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thank you for your experience. I’m only looking for a shorter cable for the Denon

Take a look to,but is a long Time to ship in Europe.
I have wait 6 Week for it.

Or make it self is easy to make it. And not expensiv.
Check the Via blue kable.
The Connectors are a little bit expensive.

Or take a look in Nearherland i am sure they give same guys.
Or here in Germany from this Guy

You can choose the Cabel and connectors and made it for you.