Fostex t20 rp mk3. The real giant killer for the price?

I have read good reviews of this model.
be its weak points (the need for amplification).
comparing it with others like the sundara, the same edition xs and being honest… how about this one?

How important is bass to you?
What do you want to listen to on them?
Are you happy to modify a headphone straight away?

Its important. But i want also good mids and highs.
I will listen dance music, edm, chillout music, ambient, classical, pop 80-90, indie of my country…
No. I dont want modify.

I think T20 is the bassiest model. They are somewhat insensitive, but don’t worry too much about amplification. Fostex are a great planar entry, Much better QC than Hifiman. If you are into more neutral signature and are ready for a QC gamble, then HE400SE is also an option.

I compare directly t20 rp vs sundara. I think fostex is has better QC than hifiman.
Only hifiman i want to try is edition xs…but there are too price difference

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I think you’d want to roll pads on T20 right away is all I’m implying.

ive read that the standard pads on the fostex are basically crimes against humanity, so i guess replacements should defintely be priced in

They are thin and the clamp is strong. Not enjoyable for long listening.