Fostex t20rp Headphone amp Recommendation

Hi Guys!
Im looking for an amp for these headphones, because my PCs onboard audio can barely can get these headphones to a listenable volume, and I have budget of around 350$. I tried the Fiio K7 dac+amp combo and it sound awful to my ears, even with other headphones.
I already bought a Aune x8 Dac.

Any recommendations would be appreciated.

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You might want to look into getting a “current based” or “current sense” amplifier.

How does a current-based amplifier work? (

Basics of Current Sense Amplifiers, its Types and Design Guide (

Questyle makes current based headphone amplifiers. Check out that brand, and its models’ specs, to see which model you can afford.

The two links you sent are very interesting reads.
These Questyle product do look superb, but the cheapest desktop headphone amp they have is around 800€, which is way out of my price range.

Edit: There is a small Usb questyle dac,amp for 200€. But im looking for something to pair with my aune.

Well, we’ll have to find a more affordable option, then. It’s not completely crazy to think the mobile M15 DAC/Amp might get the job done, but maybe we can do some digging around on AliExpress or another east Asian audio site to find a hidden gem.

You could be absolutely right. It might get the job done perfectly.
But im not completely convinced that the “current based” amp would be better than any other(SMSL, Topping, etc.) amp, that maybe has 1 or 1.5w per 50Ohms. And i would like to use the dac that I bought.

I started this topic, because a lot of people really like the fiio k7, but to me it sounded horrendous.
And I was curious what amps other people liked in this category.

(Please excuse my spelling, english is not my first language.)