Fostex T20RP or T50RP

I want in on planars. I want something that gives me an “oh, F yeah”.

It will see useage for gaming in quiet environment and music listening (Rock, Metal, DnB, Classic, etc.) Power to drive them is available (maybe this is what the designers of the Maya 44eX expected to be plugged in? Damn those Line/Headphone outs are scary…)

After narrowing my selection down, I went over countless reviews, I ended up at 20 or 50RP’s

From the Sound Demo I think I prefer the 20’s over the 50’s (test listen on AKG 712 Pro & M40x).

Do I just toss a coin?

If you want more bass the t20 mk3 is the better choice, but otherwise I personally prefer the t50 mk3 more. Also perhaps consider shure 1540 pads too. You would really want something like an emotiva basx a100 or a schiit asgard 3 amp to power them, because that soundcard you mentioned will struggle imo. I wouldn’t say the fostex t whatever rp’s give you the full experience of planars, but they are pretty good but not something I would personally recommend to someone looking for a full on planar experience

I have a headphone amp, if that is not enough, I got an excuse to buy a better one.

On a side note: That card has scarily powerful line/headphone outs. I want to know how scary they are. And the 48V Phantom power on it is also surprisingly good (as in: works as advertised, when you have a 1/4" to XLR adapter).

Budget is a concern, and 150€ (or 200€ with pads), is okay.

That is my dilemma.

I guess then when you decide weather you think the t50 or t20 would suit you better just get them and see if they work well with your amps first.

Another thing is that the t20s are more isolating, while the t50’s leak a little more. I also thing the t50’s have the edge in detail and a more even response

for their budget, what about the 4xx?

I was thinking that too, but I assumed he had already ruled it out (or the he400i if he couldn’t get a good price on the 4xx from massdrop)

The 20’s are the most pronounced up to 500Hz. Bassy wise, my M40X’s can do some bass, is just not the most impressive.
The 50’s beeing on top from 800Hz onward, I am not sure what to make of that. The “treble murder” comes to mind that gets you the edge when listening for footsteps in games. As I play for fun, that is also of less concern.

Either is fine. Everything except speakers works.

Thanks for your advice, very much appreciated!

Those are Massdrop, right?
Shipping is going to be interesting (and VAT aswell). If it was not for easy of purchase, they would be in the selection.

The he400i is around the same price (or can be had used possibly) and sounds almost identical but with different headband and connector types

Also with the shure 1540 pads the treble is at a much more reasonable level imo

@LeDechaine might be able to give you info about the pad change more

the 4xx have a special EU version to take care of the VAT issues n such.

the 400i have also been reduced in price…in the US they’re now about $175 or so, so you could see if they’ve been given a price reduction in Europe too.

The pads are more set than the headphones.

Good to know.

Well that sucks lol. I don’t know other pads that work well off the top of my head

And what Headphone do I buy with them?

The t50rp would work better with them imo hold on for a sec

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You don’t happen to know what the Shure HPAEC1840 pads do to them? Because buying one headphone (75% set on the 50’s now) and 3 pairs of pads is no bueno.

I’m assuming you mean 3 pairs of pads lol. The 1840 pads are more open and don’t tame the treble as much

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Between Zeos review and your comments and links, I think the magical 50€ Shure 1540 pads are worth trying.

Will give the headphone decision a good night of sleep now.

Always a good idea lol. I can’t do that anymore because then it just makes me reconsider other options I said I wouldn’t get lol

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No clue what you mean…

closes tabs: beyerdynamic Custom Studio, Sennheiser HD300 Pro, AKG K-371

Oooo the k371 is pretty dang great if you like a harman tuned headphone. Comfort and build is great