Fostex T20rp replacement?

I have owned the Fostex t20 rp for a while and I wanted to know if there is something I could try out. I’ve been doing some research and a couple of headphones have my attention. I am interested in the Sivga Phoenix, the Beyer dynamic dt 1990 pro, and the Gold Planar GL2000. I basiclly know mostly for what Z Reviews has posted on his channel. If anyone could give some feedback on the headphones I would really appreciate it.

I’d probably try HD6XX’s get a tube amp and send those T20’s into Ryan for the Argon treatment.

I don’t have much comment on the Sivga phoenix, but I hear mostly good things

The DT 1990 I wouldn’t buy unless you needed an open back to master headphones cause its your profession, like you’re hans zimmer type deal.

GL2000 definitely an audiophile headphone for sure. I don’t know it’s worth the cost but I feel like you could in a closed back setting with an Argon mod extract what the GL2000 does and WAAAAY more with the Argon mod. With the most soundstage, imaging, bass, WAY better mids and good treble “ZMF Oval Lambskins required” for the treble part.

I’d get a more vocal centric headphone like a 6XX seeing as the T20 is closed back and V-shaped and the 6XX is the opposite. Open back, vocal centric and on a tube sounds INCREDIBLE.

With a Darkvoice (with swapped tubes) or any tube amp it lifts the sennheiser veil, opens that soundstage up vocals are euphoric, mid bass goes nutts and the air is so sweet.

That’s my recommendation

What is it that you’re looking for in another pair of headphones? Knowing what you like and dislike about what you currently have helps when suggesting what you may want to look at.

Also what is your source gear and budget?

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Well here is what I currently own. As I said the T20 rp. I also have the Phillips SHP 9500, hifiman 4xx, and the m1060c. I kinda went down this rabbit hole scenerio and I would like to find comfort as priority. Then the next to follow is really good low end but no over doing it. I mostly play pc gaming and they all sound great but of course I’m curious to expand what I could try out. Sound stage and being able to hear everything when I play a FPS game is a nice quality but of course I enjoy just having fun when I play. When I listen to music, my taste is in a wide range from EDM to country. I enjoy the vocals and love the bass when that certain song kicks in. So hopefully this helps explain on what direction I’m looking at. I also own the modi 3 amp but I would be interested in going up to a modius.