Fostex T20RP Shure Pad-Roll - Curious about SHR940

Hey there,
just picked up the T20RP-MK3 and obviously I need pads.
So I think I will skip the HM5 and go for shure (Need to narrow it down somehow). Probably some velour, to let the sound breath a bit more. So people suggest the SHR 1840 pads in the 20€ area. They are open pads, since they originaly come for open headphones.
So now I stumbled about SHR940 pads, witch are also velour but come from an originally closed can. I imagine the material to be denser to keep it more closed (same as with the DT770 / DT 990 pads). I did not find any info about these tho.
I was just wondering weither these would be perfect for the T20RP, since they are more open and breathable than some leather pads (SHR840) that just tunnel all the sound into the ear, but not such as open as the SHR1840, that let to much of the base go out.

So all of this is just speculation, I don’t really have experience, so I’d love to hear your thoughts and maybe someone even knows these pads in particular and how they compare (maybe even on the Fostex??).

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Is the bass of T20rp MK3 punchy?

I am a bass head. I have narrowed down Hamonicdyne Helios, X2HR, and Fostex T20rp MK3. I only use it for music (EDM, Rock) and movies. I like the sound demo of Helios (Zeos’s review) and T20rp.

Perhaps you can tell me more about T20rp. Thanks.

Base is super thick, with lether pads it was overbearing for me, with velour it was just awesome. Also fast (because planar) and probably it is going deeper than the “true open backs”. For me the MK3 are pretty much closed back, build wise and sound wise.
–> So what they will give you is just the tickest base, that makes you feel like your in a club - really awesome. What they lack is soundstage that makes sound effects in some types of electro sound so special. So you’d have to consider if your EDM is based on Baselines or 3D-sound-effects (hope you get what I mean). Anyway velour pads give you a middle ground to get some of both.

On another note reguarding rock: I like electric rythm guitar a loot on MK3 because they have a 1kHz spike that gives guitars a loooooot of power. But probably something to experience youself. It makes the guitar sound a little off, but in such a fun way.

So I think T20Mk3 is great as a fun headphone, not so much for analytical, “soft and easy to listen” sound.
I have not heard the others on your list, so can’t compare there.


I think the T20rp is good for Rock and Metalica. I may try it out.

I use the T20RP Mk3’s with a pair of Brainwavz Hybrid pads - they sound A-W-E-S-O-M-E, and the bass is thick, punchy and just great!

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