Fostex T40 VS T50

I can’t decide which one. I like closed backs so as to not bother my roomate ,but alot of people suggest the T50 which feels way too hyped and the T40 doesn’t have enough reviewers to make up my mind.

I like to listen to classical,hans zimmer, lofi, a bit of rock and a EDM stuff. Basically I want an all round headphone with clear vocals so as to hear my lectures and dialogues when needed. NOW I turn to you ohh reader to help this poor newbie on his purchase. Btw do you suggest to wait and buy on Black friday and Cyber monday or Christmas ?

Check out Z reviews

I would recommend T50RP with Vmoda cable and pad change but they are really hard to drive correctly.

I can’t tell difference with a cheap single ear earphones. For the AMP Dac I planned on going for the Xduoo XD05, but I was hoping for an alternative since I don’t plan on upgrading anytime soon after buying one.

What about the xd-05 plus with more power?

Way over my budget atm. I’d have to save for 6 months for that. Unless it goes down a few bucks.

If you could go for desktop, the fiio K5 Pro is great. Has the most power at it’s price point I think

What about the Topping MX3 ?

That is pretty light on power for the amp section is the problem, it’s not a very powerful headphone out which isn’t going to be great for a t50

So you all suggest T50 over the T40 for my music preferences ?
Also, just a question how long lasting are portable amp dac ? I worry the battery will wear out and If I can’t replace it I might as well have gone for Desktop amp dac.

I think if you are going to listen to classical, the t50 might be better imo because it gives the music a little more room to breathe

And regarding the xduoo battery wearing out, if you treat the battery well it should last for a while, but it is always something to think about. If you plan for it to be plugged in like 95% of the time, just go for desktop, but if you do plan to take it portable it’s not a bad idea