Fostex t50rp mk4

There seems to be the new Fotex t50rp mk4 coming out with balanced connection as standard, upgraded driver, design, better ear pads…

The website says: The traditional planar diaphragm “RP” driver recognized in music studios around the world has been significantly renewed. T50RP has evolved into “mk4” and is now available.

This product is a headphone that is equipped with a significantly renewed RP driver with a fully driven flat diaphragm developed by Fostex. Since being installed in Fostex’s first headphone, the T50, released in 1974, the RP driver has spread to a variety of his models, and has been recognized by musicians and engineers in music studios around the world as monitor headphones. With the traditional RP driver that has evolved into the 4th generation and an all-new housing design, you can enjoy the next generation of RP headphones that further refine the sound unique to a flat diaphragm.

*RP and RP technology are Fostex’s proprietary technologies that move the entire surface of a flat diaphragm in a regular phase (Regular Phase).

RP driver evolved to the 4th generation

RP Technology’s fully-driven flat diaphragm driver, which has been improved over 50 years, is now in its 4th generation.In order to expand and equalize the vibration area of ​​the flat diaphragm, the number of magnets that sandwich the diaphragm has been increased and printed coils have been added. We have designed a new pattern shape. Furthermore, the components of the magnetic circuit have been redesigned to optimize the magnetic flux distribution, thereby suppressing unnecessary resonance of the diaphragm and achieving sharp rises and falls of sound with a sharp response. The 4th generation driver, developed by fully incorporating various technologies cultivated over the years, simultaneously achieves improved sensitivity, smooth frequency response that is easy to monitor, and excellent transient characteristics. By being able to accurately and delicately reproduce everything from deep bass to treble, we have further improved the accurate localization and sound field reproduction capabilities compared to previous models.

Symmetrical housing that allows cable connection on either the left or right side and reduces the difference in sound quality between the left and right sides

Both the left and right housings are equipped with connectors so that the cable can be connected to either the left or right depending on the usage environment. In addition, by making the left and right housings the same shape, we reduce the difference in sound quality caused by differences in internal structure and volume depending on the presence or absence of a connector part. The connector is equipped with a 4-pole 3.5 mm connector that supports balanced connections, increasing ease of use and versatility. The cable uses high-quality OFC conductors.

Optional balanced cables are available: φ2.5: ET-RP2.5BL, φ4.4: ET-RP4.4BL, and XLR: ET-RPXLR.

Comfortable ear pads

The ear pads feature a low-repulsion, around-ear shape that provides a comfortable fit, making them comfortable to use even when listening for long periods of time.

Main Specifications

Model Semi-open dynamic type
driver RP method planar diaphragm
impedance 28Ω
sensitivity 97dB/mW
maximum input 3,000mW
Play frequency band 10-40,000Hz
Body mass Approximately 330 g (excluding cable)
accessories φ3.5 mm (4-pole) ⇔ φ 3.5 mm (3-pole) stereo phone cable (2 m) x 1, φ3.5 mm → φ6.3 mm stereo phone conversion connector x 1


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So… does that mean a refreshed T-60 is also on the way?

Would that mean new Argons? I bet that means new Argons.

An interesting time to be a planar lover methinks

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