Fostex T60RP Pads and Cable recommendion

So i just ordered a Fostex RP ( T60RP) (I live way outside the US, so no chance of getting Argons), and I would love if anyone has any recommendations for pads and balanced cable

I’ll probably end up buying from Hart audio cable, but it good to know other options :smiley:

ZMF Oval pads are great on it. They make it really comfortable. If you’re set doesn’t already have it look into getting a suspension strap as well.

For cables most of the well known cable manufacturers make cables for the T50RP so you can get whichever one you prefer the most.

By default the T50RP is not balanced. You need to rewire the internals to get it balanced. Unless this is done get a single ended connection as it could affect the amp when the two grounds are bridged.

Small correction i forgot to mention, its the T60RP, which correct me if im wrong can be used balanced

as far as pad would you say what is the best material lamb/valor etc etc…

Sorry I misread it as the 50 not the 60. You can disregard the suspension strap and cable :grinning:

I have a pair of the lamb skin and they are very comfortable. I haven’t tried the suede on them but in general the suede should be warmer because with leather there are more reflections in the pad which leads to brighter treble.

It depends on what you are looking for.

Na it was my bad, I forgot to mention it was T60RP, even though in amazon it named as “Fostex RP” .