Fostex th 900 modded vs ahd 2000 vs ahd 5200

Hi, I listen mainly grado sr325x and hd6xx, all genres but mainly rock, I need a closed back headphones and for few days I m listening the Denon ah d5200 and I like that Denon signature but for my is quite uncomfortable. I can return it and buy for 470€ (100€ more the Denon) a second hand th900 mk1 with Lawton mod or save money and choose an ahd2000 that I v read that is old but good for about 120€. What do you suggest? Thanks in advance for your help

I honestly don’t think you could possibly go wrong here. Spend what is a comfortable amount and go with it.

Do you have a dedicated amp? Denons sing with a low output impedance amp.

I use a shanling up4 22, quite powerful for the 6xx, anyway I have bought a second hand Denon d7200 for about 350€