Fostex TH900 vs Denon 9200 in terms of comfort over hours?


In a bid to potentially upgrade my system, it seems I am looking at either TH900 or Denon 9200 or possibly 7200. These all being closed back (although the fostex seem to be semi closed?) , I am concerned about comfort.

I would be using them for hours and hours (10+), and in my experience, closed backs get uncomfortably warm after a long time like that. You just want to take them off.

Currently I am running the DT880 60 ohm and I wouldn’t really want any headphones that are less comfortable. I can wear them for hours and they don’t get hot. The only issue I have atm is with the redscape audio head tracker, which has a rubber to connect it to the headband and that does get painful after a while.

I think I read somewhere that the dekoni nuggets work well with the fostex, so that would be a point towards them.

Anybody here wear them for extended periods like that?

I’m using a ZMF Pilot Pad with my Fostex. Much better than nuggets.

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The issue with the headtracker is the rubber around the headband, a pad swap isn’t going to make that go away. I would need nuggets or one of those dual headband things, but while unfomrtable, it’s a low priority. I already have the isssue now, so it won’t make the others less comfortable in that regard.

oh, it’s a headstrap, confusing name lol. But the above stands. Let me get you a pic

I mean… I GUESS I could cut out a hole for the tracker XD
It measures a full inch or roughly 2,5 cm in height. I don’t think I can just squeeze that in there?
The coverage would not matter since it is connected via cable.

Sent them a mail if any of their pads could hold it.
In any case it doesn’t address my main concern, which is the heat.
Seems to me all these pads are leather, including the mod versions, stax, lawton.
I have the sheepskin pads for the dt880 and those got hot too.

–edit 2–
They already answered lol.
They recommended the crescent strap for either, but looking at the installation vids, I don’t see how I could put the tracker inside. Although, it seem the top is simply a relatively thin cloth, I could probably cut out a gap for the tracker if I really wanted to.