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This is the official thread for the Fostex TH909. This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Over Ear
  • Amp needed*
  • Open Back

*Unit is amp dependent. Watch review for choices

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Hey @ZeosPantera I am looking to pick up this pair of headphones after watching your review about 5 times. I’m going to grab the xDuoo you used in the video but was curious if you found anything you liked more when running these.

Also was curious what pads you recommend you had said the Lambskin Icon but I wasn’t 100% where to find those.


The xDuoo TA-10 tube hybrid is apparently the best ( at least according to Zeos) and the pads can be found here. I would look around for more info on what exact pads to get but the ZMF lambskin eikon are probably your best bet.

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More? Nope. I just found the TA-10 recently and it took a year of ownership just to stumble across it with THAT particular tube.

Perfect thanks for linking those pads will definitely pick them up!

Awesome, appreciate the help. Last question, your amazon review noted getting a quality DAC along with the TA-10. Even though your reddit guides stated you could do the TA-10 alone. This due to the nature of the 909’s? What quality DAC would you recommend?

After some testing the TA-10 is just fine with its internal dac.

If you have to choose 1 between TH900 SB and TH909 which one will be your pick?

Probably the TH900 imo. The 909 has a more expansive sound and is more open, but I personally enjoy the sound of the 900 more

And it is $300 less expensive.

First time poster and the proud owner of a new pair of 909’s … Sold a pair of LCD 2’s and Aeon 2’s to get these and have to say they look stunning!!

Anyway, the problem or should I say the elephant in the room … amping them! Have the ADI 2 Dac but it all sounds a bit clinical. Also have an Oppo HA-2 SE which is better but still a bit mehh!! …

So choices - well given Z’s video it has to be the Xduo but I just dont like the form factor. I really want an iFi Audio xDSD so I’d be interested to hear if anyone has heard the combination? Any other recommendations greatly appreciated.


Welcome! Can’t say I have experience with those cans, but what kind of budget are you working with and are you US based? Plenty of folks here who should be able to help out with just a couple more pieces of info.

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Hello and welcome,

As a Fostex Tr x00 owner I can tell you that the Rme is really great.
I had the same impression when I tested it.
Currently it runs great with the Singxer Sda 2C.
So musical amps are welcome.
Questyle cma400i, Asgard 3 with the E30 topping would also be an option.

It would depend on your budget.

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Thanks …

Based in the UK with a budget of up to £500 which equates to $800. The Questyle looks to be a good option but stock not available in the UK at the moment. Same with the Asgard which is a shame.

I can get a good deal on a Micro iDSD Black Label along with the aune X1s Pro.

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I have take a look and found it here one

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this could be good for ya

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Thanks for the recommendations guys … I’m going to listen to the headphones with a iiFi Audio Micro iDSD Black Label on Thursday and if I like it I’ll buy it. Really want something I can put in my suitcase as I work away a fair bit .


What about the sound of the 900 compared with 909 did you find more enjoyable?

And how would you compare the d9200 to the 909 & 900 ?

the th900 mk2 is just a more fun signature to me, it’s more impactful and slammy, more forward, a bit less width but more depth, similar technical performance in the end, if I had to choose one to daily drive the 909 makes more sense but for what I personally use mine for (as a refined and capable but really fun v shaped can) the 900 does that better

I think they are on a roughly similar technical level (a bit of an edge to the fostex), the 9200 sounds more “balanced” and neutral than the more v shaped 900, the stage on the 9200 is wider but depth is better on the 900, timbre might sound more realistic on the denon but the th900 sounds more textured to me imo, generally better impact and dynamics on the fostex, 9200 isn’t as forward but also isn’t relaxed either. The 9200 is really more reference sounding whereas the 900 is more a bit v shaped forward fun, so it would really come down to preference, generally they tended to react similarly to amps imo, I wouldn’t pair either with a more analytical amp (since they can get bright and potentially sibilant moreso on the 900). With these headphones, I like an amp that has good bass control and grip, a bit warmer signature overall with slightly smoother treble, and also something wider (although if an amp does depth super well that can be acceptable as well)

The 909 tends to compare more with the 9200 imo, closer sonic goals, to me the 909 ends up being the higher technical performer (more detailed, more refined, larger stage with similar depth, a bit more organic in it’s impact and dynamics) and also a bit more organic as well, so that would generally be my pick over the 9200 although some might agree with the 9200 signature more as it’s not as neutral as the 909 so it ends up being a slight bit more fun (almost a w shape?). The th909 reacts to amps a bit differently, generally I like something a bit more energetic to not dull it too much but not too forward, generally something neutral and clean but organic


Thank you @M0N, I could have very well gone the wrong direction as I am not really looking for a clinical oriented phone. Choosing out of these three I was leaning towards the 909. I added the 9200 to the equation as another option as being similar to the 909 and I think I’m able to eliminate from the running as well. I prefer fun, impact and slam and that looks to be more inline of what the 900 is offering which is what I am after for this potential acquisition.

This is the wrong thread but a like in kind to the topic. My current sources are Bifrost 2/ Asgard 3 + MLP and Modius/ Jot 2. I’ve seen you say you have not heard the Jot 2 so, if it is not relevant no worries. But, will those amplifiers in particular, Asgard3 and MLP, be suitable with a 900?