Found a decent Bluetooth Cable for MMCX (Used with a Tin T2)

So I’ve been on the hunt for a good MMCX Bluetooth cable for working out and just got this one.

Been using it with my Tin T2, so far its pretty decent.

Sound -Sounds pretty good, still have to listen to more songs but I’d say pretty great for Spotify listen as you work out. The mic sounds decent enough as well, made a few phone calls sound is pretty clear.

Battery - claims About 20 hours, have yet to fully test that out but I think its fairly accurate.

Construction and Fit - sits pretty snug on the neck. the only issue is that the middle section cable is rigid - which is good for staying around your neck (right now its a bit too snug but it will probably soften up in time) the issue is storing it though It might get better as the cable softens.

P.S i have another on the way to try out with my Blon-Bl03 will update that too

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