Found deals on cans but can't decide

Hi everybody!

I am currently is a position where good deals are sometimes hard to pass, therefore I need some of your thoughts, opinions or just steer me clear from a no go purchase.

Cans I currently rotate:
Audio Technica M40x
Grado SR 80e
Senn HD 58X
Hifiman HE 400i 2020
Beyerdynamic DT 880 250 ohm

Potential cans that I am looking to try
Audeze LCD 1
Audeze EL-8 (2015) I heard a revision has been made in 2016
Dan Clark Aeon Flow
Dan Clark Aeon RT
Monolith M570
Monolith 1070

Any other recommendations please let me know

What are you looking for sound-wise that you’re not getting from your current rotation?

I have LCD-1 (trying to sell) and they’re good at what they do. Fairly intimate and revealing with pretty balanced signature.

I had Aeon Open X and if you can get past the dynamic compression, they’re really enjoyable warmer leaning planars. I imagine the Flow and RT share much of that.

Have not heard EL-8 so won’t comment there.

I am looking for something warm, full bodied without sacrificing details
Something like a whiskey paired with a flavorful cigar type of headphones

Haha, I like the analogy. The Aeon could possibly meet that need. What are you using as a DAC/Amp? The Aeons can be pretty current hungry.

Well you know, sometimes a man just needs to relax with a whiskey glass on one hand and an evenly lit flavor bomb cigar on the other.

I use the Liquid Spark stack and connected a tube preamp to add a more well rounded sound.
I’m pretty sure my rig can power the Aeon since the preamp has a separate volume knob that adds more power/volume to the stack.

Saw the Aeon RT for $499.99 and I think that’s a reasonable asking price.

The Meze 99 Classics fit that description at $309. Warm, bassy, a bit of coloring into the mids but still very present mids and highs.

The 99 Classics are not neutral, reference cans. But they do make music come alive and are very enjoyable with multiple genres of music, especially when you’re not critically analyzing every single detail of the sonic spectrum.

They’re easy as hell to drive, too. Can be driven adequately from a phone or laptop. They probably would sing even sweeter with an amp.

I’ve been eyeing the Meze as well. I don’t know why it’s hard for me to buy it now.
It’s got the looks and from what I’ve gathered the sound is also amazing.

Spark stack should do pretty well. Going for open or closed?

Amazing is in the ears of the beholder.

If you want neutral or “audiophile,” the 99 Classics aren’t for you. But if you want warm and “fun,” they’re great cans. Bassy and warm but still with mids and highs. Yes, the mids are a touch colored and not as detailed as a neutral can, but the 99 Classics are really fun for non-analytical listening.