Four identical speakers... Should I go 4.0 or do two "fake" towers?

I already got a Denon AVR and a pair of Fluance SX6s. I’m contemplating buying another pair to have a 4.0 setup. But I could also do two little “towers” (just two SX6s at my left and two at my right in “MCH Stereo”).

I’m just curious about the do’s and don’ts? And the possible “out of phase” problems, etc.

If you stack them on top of each other into mini towers, you’ll get comb filtering. That’s no bueno. Either do 4.0 or stick with 1 pair. Or use the second pair for separate system.


I 2nd this as well. Generally for stereo listening 1 pair of speakers will yield the best result rather then multiple pairs. If you are doing surround sound then that’s a different story

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Comb filtering. Oops, ok. Definitely don’t want my music to sound like a flanger pedal.

Oh, but “comb filtering” is only phase problems, so it’s only a time difference. And I can change the time difference between “front” and “rear” speakers with my AVR, therefore I could fix this. Hmm.

You can also effect your image and soundstage with multiple pairs. It might just not sound right either, ignoring the other issues that may arise. It will kinda ruin the spacial image and create more of a 2 dimensional blanket of sound, kinda ruining some good aspects imo

Interesting. Thanks everyone for the infos. :slight_smile:

it would make more sense to buy a single pair that’s more capable. :wink:

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Or step back into the 70’s with quadraphonic lol

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I love these so much I want to buy another pair, so it’s not the problem. They’re good enough for me! They’re just angled a bit and 1ft higher than where they should be, right now. I should do another shelf, and I tought “hmm, If I do another shelf, I could put two of these on top of each other” !

Bad idea. :stuck_out_tongue:

Another possible suggestion, if you enjoy them a ton, perhaps look into a better amp to further improve the sound

Welp, picka place for a second system. Bedroom, kitchen, bathroom…strike the bathroom - steam is not good. Well, unless you don’t shower then all bets are off.

You’re still going to run into problems. If you want to do 4.0, the rear pair should be used as rears or surrounds. And then you’d need to listen to material that’s recorded as surround (like movies).

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