Four plugs Speaker side for audio cables question


I’ve a question. I saw cables with 4 spades speaker side. I was wondering what was the purpose ?

You plug 4 of them on one speaker ? Or it’s is designed to plug to speakers, like a speaker and a bass speaker close to each others ?

Is there an interest to double plugs a speaker ? (since there is 4 sockets on the speaker)

A version of the same cable with only 2 plugs speaker side :

Thanks for your answer.

My first thought (a hint was provided in the product description) is that this cable would enable bi-wiring your speakers. Speakers that can be bi-wired would have 4 bridged connections on the back as opposed to 2. A further explanation of what bi-wiring is can be found here:

Bi-Wiring and Bi-Amping Explained | How To Improve Your Audio Setup | Audio Advice

Hope this helps.

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Ha, thanks! It’s what bi-wiring mean. Well my speakers can do that. So i believe, i should try it out.

Thanks for the answer.

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In a very specific setup, this might be the case.
More likely it would be DIY solution but its possible, maybe there are few that would have use this. Might have seen one but cant confirm was it DIY.

Highly unlikely in “normal” speakers so the mentioned Bi-Wiring option would be the case.

My speakers are Klipsch rp600m.
My amp is a Topping pa3. I can’t do a true bi-wiring amp side but it should be ok. I’m interested to try, to see the difference.

The beauty of this hobby is that it is possible. Plus the fun of testing and listening :slight_smile:
Only needs a Bi-amping amplifier so 4 connections out and 4 connections in per speaker.
Like the audioadvice link provided, can be single amplifier as well. Picture may lead to think you need 2 amps and that not the case.

But you might need to step up the game for bigger sized amps. Small forms usually dont have bi-amp properties.

Ok, so i still don’t understand the purpose to have 2 banana plugs wires amp side and 4 spade connectors speaker side.

Since, the “real” bi-wiring as you link ask you to use a cable with 2 banana plugs & 2 spades connectors.

To step up the game. What type of amps do you suggest ?

It removes the copper (metal) plate from speaker. Some of them are garbage as to say so having good cable eliminates that. Probably a better connection as well.
In the basic case. You have copper or metal plate between the poles.

Will there be any other changes, like better sound? Might be or might not.

With the 4 pole cable the metal plate is not needed. So it should be better solution.

I personally would plan a budget to a good valued stereo amplifier with pure bi-amping options with the tech.specs you are looking for. So each channel is its own cables just for to make things more better.
What amp? Thats the hard one.
Testing and listening of course is important cause the amps can sound different so it always comes down what end sound you like. Is a amp A better than amp B in the end.

Thanks. And yes, to choose a amp, it’s not easy. Zeos give good advice, i’m pretty satisfied by my actual setup. It lack bass maybe. Lot of mid and trebble. But for the rest, it’s ok.