From DAC to Headphone amp and AVR?

Is there such a cable so I can connect the output from my DAC which only has 2 Audio outputs RCA, and duplicate it so I can have it plugged into my headphone amp and my AVR at the same time? Like a splitter cable or a box or something?

Just a simple rca y splitter will do the trick

Just 2 of something like these, one for each channel, gives you 2 left and 2 right output

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Would this do too?

Those will work too, but my only concern with those style is that they can put extra strain on the rca jack on the dac

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Gotcha thanks M0N, Getting some new speakers hopefully but thought this desktop dac is probably 10000x better than the one in my 2003 AVR haha for them and dont wanna have to unplug my headphone amp everytime. Hmm might try them gold connectors as they look sweet. Should be fine Ill see if I can make a makeshift support for em, gonna be quite abit cheaper than buying 2 Y splitters and the cable management be abit better.

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