From JBL Studio to Powered Speakers

Hey HifiGuides!

New member here, longtime Zeos fan, its actually his fault that I have JBL 530’s and 580’s. Thats ok though, its my fault he has those infinity subs in his living room.

I currently have a 4.2 setup with 580’s, 530’s and two of those infinity subs mentioned.

However I am thinking of replacing all that completely with a simple desk setup.
I need optical input for tv gaming/movies, but most of my use is music
I want the simplicity of a soundbar while maintaining my current output and quality.

Thanks to Zeos I found the Edifer S3000Pro and Swan M300mkwhateveritis.

I also saw the Klipsch “the sixes” which I like because of the subwoofer output.

I have a few questions about them.

•how do they compare to the JBL?

•is the swan remote hard to click/frustrating to use?

•how about product lifespan? I would hate to spend $800 and they die in 3 years.

•how are easy are edifier and swan to deal with on warranty issues?

•do any of them provide full satisfactory bass without subs? (I dont listen to rap but I like strong bass)

•I will be using these nearfield (arms length usually but want room filling sound for when working around the room) do they exhibit any hiss, hum or buzz when powered on but not playing?
(I heard maybe the klipsch do, but nothing confirmed yet.)

Lastly if anyone has any experience with the Edifier Airpulse A300’s I would like to hear about them also. Do you think its worth the extra dough over the s3000’s for subwoofer out?

Thanks for reading and any help you can offer!

I wouldn’t recommend the klipsch the sixes imo because they are more of a consumer tuning that are kinda lacking for the price imo. The RP600m is just way better (but yes that’s not a powered speaker but you can drive them with a desktop amp just fine)

Some other powered speaker options to further complicate things would be the vanatoo t1e or the kanto tuk lol

The S3000 pro is going to be higher resolving than the 530 imo, but the s3000 doesn’t have as good midrange timbre imo. The bass hits lower on the s3000 pro imo but I personally find the studio 530 more pleasing tbh. But you can adjust the sound to your liking on the s3000pro

I would personally say that s3000pro are something I would pick over the swan m300


Not sure if I can add much to the discussion but TUK has a headphone out if that’s important to your desktop use-case. Feel free to PM me.

Yeah I saw that after looking at them from M0N’s suggestion, which is a huge attraction to me because my older consoles dont have heaphone connections.

I traditionally gravitate toward 6-1/2” woofers for greater volume but im not sure if thats really necessary. Watching the Zreview now.

In no offence and i have wondering when possible manufacturers join the site.
Hoping it wont all be “selling their own gear”. Even supporting other choices (products) would be nice to see.

Ok thanks for the reply’s everybody, The Kanto Tuks have an amazing feature set and look super classy in that grey color scheme. I have to sell my JBL gear first, but I think they are my best option, the sub controls and headphone jack really put them over the top.

Thanks for the help, they weren’t even on my radar until you pointed them out!

I try my best to not be too “salesy” but I’d be a pretty lousy rep if I didn’t mention our products when it seems relevant to the conversation. I have no issue mentioning other brands when it comes to accessories that pair with our speakers (DAC/AMP combos, headphones, audio interfaces, etc.) but I really can’t give my opinions on direct competitors to our speakers. You have to trust the advice of other members to get an unbiased view of things, I am inherently going to be biased. I hope the community understands that position and appreciates what manufacturers bring to forums like these - answering technical questions, clarifying features, getting direct feedback to improve products, and so on.


Acceptable in my book since Kanto produces quality products.