Fun and immersive Headphones

Hey guys,
currently I am looking for a fun and warm set of cans for gaming, watching movies and listening to music (hip hop & rock).
I dont care about the competitive aspect and tracking footsteps etc in game, I want an immersive and fun experience. Preferably under 250€ and open back, if there even are "fun" open backs, but I wouldnt mind semi-open or closed.
I have a Heresy and an E30 to drive headphones.

Thanks in advance for you recommendations.

Beyerdynamic TYGR 300R

hmm… there are some but yeah… tygr is probably a good bet here… you could always get the 880 600 ohm and throw some suedes on it with EQ… thatll dial back the treble a lot and amp the hell outta the bass. Theres not a lot of cheap open backs I consider really that great for warm signatures. None of the sennheisers really come to mind as the ones that are bassy bleed like crazy and are way too emphasized sounding like crap, post modded shp9500 from philips would work technically as would x2hr, audio technica does have some like this but all those are closed back, Hifiman are all pretty recessive in terms of warmth even pad swapped 400se isnt the best in that regard, AKG just won’t cut it here… again more bass recessive or around neutral, I thought about maybe HarmonicDyne as well… since Helios is in that area granted zeus is a hell of a lot better but thats outta budget…

the really good bassier open backs that come to mind immediately are Nighthawk Carbon… you MIGHT be able to find this actually as it was discontinued… but itd require some extensive searching… fantastic headphone for sure. Argons will be outside of budget and zeus will be outside of budget. other than that… the best case would be the beyers post pad swap or tygr

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Thank both of you for the recommendations.
Sadly I cant find the Nighthawk Carbon for a good price. The headphones dont need to be open, but then they have to be comfortable enough to wear them for long periods of time.

tygr’s are very comfortable the most comfortable Beyerdynamic headphone I’ve tried

How would the x2hr compare to the TYGR? Where do each shine the most? @Falenkor

x2hr is large wide and a warm signature that is bloated and muddy bleeding into the mids. The tuning is strictly a fun one

Tygr is a subtle V signature with slightly recessive mids. Large soundstage, x2hr sounds a bit bigger due to the air in it, better imaging by a very large margin, controlled overall.

Guess I have to try both.
Anyways, thanks for your great work in this forum @Falenkor it’s really appreciated , keep it up!

hard to know which you really enjoy till you sit down with them. I think x2 has its place but I would take tygr any day over it.


Well I had the Meze 99 Classic, loved the sound but the comfort wasn’t there for me. Guess I want something in that area. Atm I am using a DT990 so I have something for competitive gaming.

X2hr may be quite comfortable then though it’s on the heftier side. Tygr would probably replace that 990 and become the all rounder considering its sound and capabilities