Fun IEMS for the Gym?

Been a while since I’ve been here, my current Rosefinch’s are slowly dying after being abused whenever I hit the gym or do yardwork. So I’m looking to explore for another fun pair to try out. Anyone know any recommendations?

I mainly listen to energetic and adrenaline boosting music. Stuff like Metalcore, Synthwave, Video Game soundtracks. Stuff $50 or less, similar price to the Rosefinch is better, since I’ll be using them mainly for the gym. Good fit and with a decent cable, if it has a mic, even better.

The 7hz Salnotes Zero:2 are amazing, and if you want more bass the Moondrop Chu II will do the job. Both are $25 and I think on Amazon I saw mic versions available. An Apple 3.5mm USB adapter for $9 will blow the doors off volume on them and most IEMs and sounds good too.


Thanks, I’ll check them out. Do they have a more harman neutral signature? I know quite a few of Moondrops IEMs have a harman signature. I’m looking for more of a V shaped sound.

Also not to flex, but my phone still has a headphone jack (Xperia).

I have been using the Roseselsa Star City 5 Pro.

I have been using Shure BT2 for Gym, flexibility to change the iem to any with mmcx port is really helpful

Try tanchjim one dsp. Excellent set. You will love it.

Although I don’t go to gym, I use Go Pods + Xelento 2nd gen for runs and walks.

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For gym workouts and yardwork, I’d recommend going with a TWS option. The practicality is hard to beat. While they might not match the sound fidelity of wired alternatives, the convenience is unmatched. They don’t require an amp and even come with a basic mic.

I suggest trying the Moondrop Space Travel. It has great sound for its price and include nice, basic ANC. Plus, you can adjust them to a V-shaped sound profile using the Moondrop app. The app is not great but it works fine for basic adjustments like that.

If you’re looking for wired options, the 7Hz Salnotes Zero:2 and Chu II deliver significantly better fidelity compared to most V-shaped IEMs in this price range. You can also tweak them to a V-shaped sound with a simple EQ adjustment.

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I’m listening to the Moondrop Chu 2 that just came back from Audiosciencereview that got measured for the review Amir did. You can see the chart there to see if it’s your kind of profile.

I’m listening to the Platinum Collection by Enigma and some of the tracks on these are just amazing, not even taking into consideration the price. Since it’s the pair he actually measured I’m keeping them since they’re so dialed in (and not selling them for $20 with a calibration profile, no way).

These are 18 ohm, I have a Moto G Power also with a 3.5mm jack. The problem to look out for is check the output impedence on the phone to make sure it’s low enough your IEM doesn’t have an ohm rating more than 8 times higher. I just use the Apple adapter to ensure the sound profile doesn’t change. It has less than 1 ohm output impedance, and many phones are a lot higher than that, so low ohm IEMs will sound horrible (and the jack doesn’t have enough power to drive higher ohm rated headphones). It’s the best $9 investment you can make.

Having them on now, I can really recommend the Moondrop Chu 2. Also they’re low profile and stealthy looking. Going to get a black multi kit cable for them on Aliexpress later, but the stock cable is actually pretty good (non tangle).

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Agreed, they’re likely the best value. There’s a version with DSP, which I believe costs the same, and it includes a USB-C cable and a mic.

I was thinking of trying TWS, but I’m not completely sure what Wireless IEM adapters would be worth buying. And I absolutely despise TWS with touch controls.

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Get Go Pods + any of your fav iems :slight_smile:

Any chance there’s a cheaper option lol. They look nice but $400 is just too much. I’d be willing to spend ~$100.

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