Fun JBL question

Would you rather have four 530s or two 580s or one 590 for music?
Also how about two 580s vs one 590?
All played with or without a sub
With the current JBL sales dollar for dollar what’s the most speaker per buck staying around $600$700

Can’t speak from personal experience but I have been eyeing this series myself and Z made an important point about speaker size in his review of the 580s. You don’t want to get more speaker than your room can handle, because they need to be pushed to a certain level to get their best sound, and if you get something huge in a small room you won’t be able to get loud enough to really wake them up. Dunno what the space you’re working with looks like but I’d take that into consideration. I imagine to really wake up the 590s you need a huge ass room.

Ya that Z’s already had me buying the 530s and 520c… In route currently. I thought I might buy more though. I have a open floor plan house with vaulted ceilings that they would be used in. Or something for my garage which is around 20x20 with 11 foot ceilings. I’d even throw outside on the deck during BBQs. I think I might be looking for an excuse to get more on sale! :slight_smile: I was just curious to what others thought if space wasn’t a concern

Lol I get that. I don’t really “need” new speaker right this second but JBL sales are crazy, I’ve been doing some mental gymnastics to try to justify grabbing some. That sub in particular has my interest right now… 68% off? Good lord.

Sounds like you have the space for whatever, good luck on your hunt!

The 10 JBL sub… I didn’t read anything impressive about it.