Furutech ADL H118 pads replacement and refurbishment

Furutech ADL ( Alpha Design Labs) H118 are quite rare dynamic headphones (40mm driver diameter) with min-XLR connector on left can, closed back or semi-closed because there is several hidden holes under cover. I was having opportunity to buy very cheap due to many marks of worn and missing ear pads. Spare parts, especially ear pads and headband pad for this headphones, seems to impossible to buy anywhere.

Ear pads:

  • As a replacement have been used pads for Sennheiser PXC550/MB660;
  • Unfortunately original fixing of these pads is not possible and new pads have been fixed with nano/gecko double sided tape (should be possible to remove pads without glue marks);
  • New pads do not fit precisely to the headphones, top left and top right side of plastic is outside of the pads couple millimeters;

Head band pad:

  • As a replacement have been used two parts cut from pad designed for Steelseries Siberia 800/840/X800/P800/WirelessH;
  • Width of new pads is similar to the original one, but total length of both is shorter, in the middle stays free space (might be cover with black tape for masking);

Most of plastics have been polished with sandpaper and paint glossy black. Then has been applied effect splatter with silver dots and clear gloss paint at the end. Plastics with texture on the surface have painted only glossy black.