Future of IEMs?

We didn’t have budget planar drivers before. And while the tech is advancing like crazy, Black Mirror isn’t just fantasy.

Tell us your predictions or desires or insider information about the things that is brand new in IEM field.

Me personally want a budget EST in the near future :slight_smile:


I think the future lies not in the drivers, but in novel solutions for FR control. Things like more refined crossovers, different dampening or acoustic breakthroughs, hell, even DSP for sets on a Apple or USB-C are already huge. First you’ll see it in the kilobuck/TOTL range, and then quick trickledown from reverse engineering or outright OEM pilfering.


A solid DD for bass, a couple or so BA’s for the mids and a super tweeter…ie a new Z1R and job done…come on Sony :rocket:


In my opinion, IEM comfort should be considered. The inner part that goes into the ear should be made of a plastic material that takes the shape of the ear, and the rest of it is rigid and does not affect the drivers. It’s just a suggestion. Otherwise, technology will affect innovations in planar drivers, in my opinion! DD can also come up with a new suspension system and new materials, probably! :octopus:


Where I can see the future of IEMs is in these 3 areas:

  1. more ANC options than built-in in wireless sets
  2. IEMs accomodating to the ears’ shape more than just with tips
  3. more affiordable EST and AMT driver-based IEMs

ad 1. I am hoping that one day Fiio will add ANC to their UTWS. Or maybe some company will manage to create a cable with built in ANC capabilities. Seems very difficult from the engineering perspective, but the same could be said about planar IEMs just few years ago…

ad 2. Not sure if it is possible, but can be a blessing for folks with particularly small/large and unusual in their shape ears.

ad 3. I agree that budget EST is something we can (hopefully) anticipate. Other possible thing might be a pair of affordable AMT IEMs.


Kinera Hodur was… An attempt. (1 DD/1 BA/1 EST)

I would like to see 1DD/2Planar/2EST at $500.

Bigger planars

Will a 1DD/1Planar/1ATM/4BA/4EST too crazy :smiley:

Also I would like more firms do TWS adaptor with lossless codec really not going back to cable (K9 Pro sitting idle these days)

Does a 30mm planar work?


Yep now just waiting for a chifi company to release a properly tuned set for a reasonable price :grinning:

Lol mono price tried and it didn’t work out very well.

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I owned the M350s and tbf you can get them to soubd pretty good with some EQ. Much like the Audeze lineup that they were competing with at the time. They don’t hold a candle to the planars available now though.

The new planars are so good these days. In regards to the Audezes I like them because you get over ear performance without having to lug around a case. LCD 3i is very close to the sound of an LCDX to my ears.


Back on topic it would be really cool if a moldable iem was invented. Something I can wear like a CIEM without the hassel of getting molds made and then reshelled.

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Don’t get me wrong I’m sure they’re great. Maybe I will have to end up picking up a pair if my budget i3 knockoff dream doesn’t materialize. I’d prefer closed-backs though.

Completely understand that! I wish a closed back version was available that wasn’t a Stax.