FX-Audio DAC-X6 MkII (2020)

(Not sure if this is where DAC/amps go since there’s no dedicated category, but…)

I see many people are calling this the new budget king. Does anyone have it and can comment on the distortion levels and on the high-frequency roll-off (which used to be atrocious in its older sibling, reaching -7 dB at 20 kHz)?

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BT 5.0 aptx + usb + optical + coax + 900mW amp + ESS chipset + face shows Khz…

Looks great for sure, but I don’t know if the quality is there. Apparently ESS is hard to implement well, too. All this for 100$? Expect grain/harshness.

…unless they kept the -7dB @ 20khz to get rid of some of it easily.

Only review in English I found. I’m upgrading from my original DACX6 to the Element II, so hopefully, I will have some comparison to make in a few weeks.

Still, I’ve been happy with mine for quite the time, so I would definitely recommend the DACX6 if you’re on a tight budget. But if you can get more money, then other stuff as stacks (Atom, Magni/Modi, and others) seems to make more sense.

Yeah the DAC-X7 has the same specs as the DAC-X6 MK2 but is like 125$ more so… lol.