FX Audio DAC-X6 or Topping MX3 for Sennheiser HD58X Jubilee

sup guys,

first time being active in any kind of forum and my question as more of a novice.
which amp/dac combo should i get for the hd58x?
which will have more power.

thanks in advance.

I like the DAC-X6. I owned the DAC-X6 for a while and liked it a lot. It has a surprising amount of juice to drive headphones like the HD650. The input switch on it was one of my favorite things about it. It’s built really solid, too.


I have the MX3 and it’s very nice. It’s quite a different piece of gear than the DAC-X6, which is strictly a DAC/Headphone amp.

In addition to being a DAC/Amp, The MX3 also has bluetooth input, line in, speaker out, subwoofer out and a remote control.

I’m sure they would both drive the HD58X just fine. I guess it depends on what your budget is and what features you want.

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thank you very much.

now i feel a bit more comfortable with my purchase.

best regards.

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I actually ordered both off Amazon and at first look the MX3 is a whole other device with the I/O and Bluetooth and remote EvilGnome6 mentioned but the build is really nice also. The dimmable orange digits looks great and isn’t disturbing to have next to a TV or monitor and the knob / pots feels good in hand and can be precise single digit increments or if you turn faster it will go up fast as well. In short you’ll get a lot more machine for your dollars and it powers Argons which requires a small nuclear power plant. And it sound good and clean. I chose the Mx3 over the Schiit mani/modi stack

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