Fyne Audio? Thoughts and Opinions?

I have been looking online for a nice pair of speakers, Living in the UK ive been looking at wharfedale as I knew they are a quite decent brand. But while looking ive come across Fyne Audio and wondering if anyone knows if they are any good or not. They look pretty decent to me and have good reviews from the big websites but Id like to know how you guys feel about them. As they look really nice and the pricing aint bad either.

Fyne audio makes some pretty fine stuff (sorry I had to lol). I mainly prefer their floorstanders but they do make some pretty great stuff for the money


FFS I knew someone would do it haha. I tried to avoid doing it as its sooo BAAAAAD. It would be the floorstandings I would be looking at anyway as I much prefer the look over Mount ones. (Just personal taste)

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I like the F303 when I got to hear it (that might be in your budget range?). Lots of body, great imaging and staging, energetic, but kinda hot on the treble but I feel like that was because the amp it was running off of

Awesome good to know they are good :D. But that just means more choices haha, Been Looking at Klipsch, Wharfedale and Fyne. Wharfedale look nice but need more power as they least sensitive of the lot but Ive heard good things about the new stuff but had them before ages ago with the Valdus 500’s and fancy a change albeit they wernt in best shape. Klipsch are nice but I feel everyone and their next door neighbour uses them even though they are highly sensitive lol.

Alot of their new stuff is hit or miss for me personally, I like their Linton heritage but not their Evo 4.4/4.3 (basically I don’t think they do their soft done mid-range well), the ELYSIAN4 is pretty nice (but guessing out of budget), their diamond series is meh to me, and the Reva is pretty good but not my favorite

Those are actually pretty good, nice speakers

Makes sense, wanting something different

Dunno how to do this fancy af quoting but yeah it has been mixed some people like em some don’t. Ive also heard people say wharfedales speakers have no “soul” in them.

As for the Valdus 500’s ur making me feel bad for shoving them in shed and using them as shed speakers haha, I got the old paper cone versions but the surround all rotted and tried fixing them myself which didnt end too well so they got plonked in shed.

And yeah as nice as they are pretty much everyone has them lol and I feel something different is always nice.

You highlight the text and it says quote lol

Yeah I can see that, they are clean but lack body and “musicality” imo, the Linton has more soul per se so that’s why I like them

Gotcha, in that case they might be kinda a pita to do it your self if your not familiar with working on speakers

Fyne does seem to make sense then, I would say it would fit your preferences going off of the older thread

Fancy bugger haha

Yeah I tried re doing the surrounds but yeah to no avail I then got in contacted with wharfedale and they said they could fix them but it would cost around £100 per driver and I was like yeah nope. Could get new speakers for that price. So they are used when doing woodworking in shed haha. Atleast they get used.

Also about the other thread I can agree yeah Fyne do seem to tick all my boxes, just gotta go listen to some haha. Then make my mind up but seems like its gonna be them. I was just weary on the bass performance on the ones with 1 bass driver but now ive seen the ones with 2 im more convinced and people say they decent anyway so much have nice cabs.

Yes go do that if you can lol

fyne audio was created by some VP’s and engineers from Tannoy that left the company when tannoy sold out and moved production to china.

expect tannoy type performance for cheaper. fyne has for the most part, replaced tannoy on all the UK based lists for speakers.

edit: this is way late, but i found out recently and stumbled on this post again. so yeah lol anyone else who sees will see this reference for the future!

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Yup haha by time ive posted this ive pretty made up my mind to get some, went and listend to some in one of local hifi shops and was absolutely amazed. They are for sure amazing. Although i wouldnt exactly call them tannoy replacements in the sense of them having the same sound signature as I dont think they do at all. But you are right on the front that we dont see Tannoy much in stores anymore in UK defo see Fyne however haha.

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i have not heard either. where i live i cannot audition really anything. both brands almost imposible to find in USA. theres 1 distributor now for fyne in texas, and a few on the coasts for tannoy. but i live in the middle of the country so those places are far lol.

Ahh thats a shame, basically every hifi shop in the uk sells them, and all over. Super easy to get hold off. But i guess its schit all over again. We cannot get schit over here or if you do ot costs so much to do so it isnt worth it.

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Just another UK or US designed speaker and built in China and sold at a huge markup, eventually the Chinese OEMs will star releasing their own designs.
These companies had better learn and bring manufacturing back to the West or they will eventually be cut out.

Fyne audio makes their lower end stuff in china, and their mid to high end gear is manufactured in Glasgow.

Yup their higherend stuff is hand made in the UK. Just the lower end stuff in China cos well its cheaper.