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Hello Good people,

Myself Pulkit, known as GadgetGod on Hifiguides and HeadFi. I am an active reviewer since the past 5 years. My aim is to dive deeper into the hobby, learn more stuff, and discuss HiFi audio with my friends worldwide.

I also have an active YouTube channel with the name Gadget Generations. I am making this thread to share my impressions, my reviews, and allow others to do the same. I don’t want to spam other threads with my reviews, hence making my own. Here’s a link to my YouTube Channel:-

Feel free to share your own impressions, reviews, and thoughts on this thread as well. Just a simple request, please don’t spam with links only and share valueable impressions related to HiFi audio gear here.

Thank You!!


Today posting my latest review video of Fosi Audio PH05. This was a sample provided to me free of cost by the brand, but that doesn’t affect my judgement here.

The PH05 is a five-channel amplifier priced at just 48$, it offers great performance and imo every reviewer should have this one as it has five different output with individual volume control. It is decently powerful as well, easily driving multiple IEMs without breaking a sweat. My only takeaway would be that they should include 4.4mm balanced outputs as well, I hope you guys enjoy the video. Kindly subscribe to my channel as well, that will help me grow for sure.


How it compared to similarly priced AMPs ?
Like maths says 50/5 = 10 and every termination should be as good if not better than something like Abigail Pro.

Well, abigail is a portable DAC/AMP, this one is more of a desktop one. I think if you have a stereo DAC with you(3.5mm output), then this AMP is highly useful and a better option than the Abigail Pro both in terms of usability and amplification.

Nice video, I had the pleasure of trying this amp. And for 48 dollars this is a no brainer.

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Thank you!!

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I/O Volare is one of my favourite IEMs around the 500$ price bracket. I was all hyped up with all the good reviews available on this IEM. So bought a unit as soon as it was launched here in my country. Well-defined bass, natural vocals, and an extended treble region. My friend Kenneth from Superchonk refers to this as an upgrade to the Moondrop Variations, I would agree on this as this one sounds richer, more natural, better definition. For 500$ this is my default recommendation for people who want a balanced, detailed sound or for people who want a pure high-resolution sound experience around 500$ price bracket. Here’s an image of this beauty :slight_smile:


FYI, you should link your reviews and stuff in the first post to make it much easier to find them in the future (trust me you dont wanna do this later…)


I have enjoyed watching your reviews on YouTube.

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Volare oh volare!!. Man this iem is fantastic. I demoed his unit at the final audio event and I was mighty impressed would love to listen to it again. Wink wink :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Thank You Bro, I will do that right away. Slept early last night haha.

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Thank You Bro!!

Ah got some back injury today and was on the bed the entire day lol. But during the entirety of today, I listened to the Eminent Ears Ruby, phenomenal set, I just love her. Excellent Instrument detailing, Fuller Vocals. I wish to listen to more of her in the upcoming days.(The photograph of Ruby is also the one I clicked a few days ago).


Today is all about a retro feel to me. I am today listening to the Bokeh along with xDuoo XD05 Pro and Topping A70 Pro Amplifier. The stack sounds phenomenally good. I am literally amazed by the clarity, and detail retrieval of the Bokeh. Here’s a retro vibe image of my today’s setup.


Great setup, can you tell us which dac module are you using currently on the xd 05 pro?

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I am currently using ROHM DAC waiting for a friend of mine to ship me the AKM as well. OPAMPS i have also upgraded to Burson V5i-D.

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Hello Friends,

Today I am sharing my review for the new Sennheiser HD490 Pro. This is a beautifully built pair of headphones that deliver a studio-level reference sound with amazing details and technical performance. My personal preference sticks with the HD6x0 series, but the level of detail and the comfort of the HD490 Pro is simply amazing. I would pick this one up even more than the HD560S. An amazing set for studio monitor lovers, just not up my alley properly.


Man i just completed my xDuoo XD05 Pro family. ESS+ROHM+AKM all three are here now. AKM DAC card with Burson V5i-D opamps the device sounds phenomenally good. I am listening to it with the Project M and I feel like I am in heaven, such exquisite details, such silkiness to the sound, I am in love <3

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I enjoy watching your reviews. Perhaps, try to slow down your very enthusiastic reviewing style so that you sound more relaxed.

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Thanks for your feedback brother. I will surely try to improve. Need to work on my grammar as well.

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