Game changer (personally) bluetooth 18 dollar earbud (WI C-200)

Just a bit of a quick note, I’ve heard /owned blon 03, TIN t2, T4, Starfields for IEMs and for headphones, sundaras, elegías, elex, Nighthawks, 58x etc and each and every one has something that’s nice. But some are a bit thinner sounding for detail, some have great timbre but lack detail or have recessed mids etc etc. Ultimately my setup is always portable and I also listen to music in my bed often. A little over a week ago I lost my ksc75 and needed a new excersise bud and went to Walmart. From there I just picked a cheap ass Sony bud assuming it should be good enough for podcasts and some music while walking. Holy fucking shit it surprised me lol. First of all in many many many ways its not that good, not super fast, little to no highs, pure quantity bass virtually no imaging and pretty compressed sounding BUT does 3 things crazy well. (all those things are in comparison to much much more expensive headphones)

The timbre is actually really really really good (for vocals), the warm sound sig that it has just gives these an amazing timbre. More realistic than the sundara, ksc75, elex when it comes to vocals. It’s also full bodied and surprisingly detailed in the mids only lol. Bass is pure quantity, just 1 tone bass that is boosted ALOT so it’s fun for hip hop. And it dosent bleed into other ranges unlike the blon 03. Treble? Ehhhhhh I think it’s super rolled off since it’s impossible to hear even a hint of sibilance but better than hearing little treble over treble that isn’t well done. From my experience with headphones only the elex truly excelled in removing sibilance from my worst recorded music.

Bass is nice and fun like mentioned before, mids might be slightly recessed but not enough to bother me, and it’s balanced enough as an iem that I I can truly listen to all of my music with it which I was never able to do with any other iem and most of my headphones either (except sundara, elegia, hawks with pleather).

Finally the price, comfort and wireless capabilities. It’s 18 bucks and does timbre, Soundstage and treble (or lackthereof because if ur not gonna do it right just let it roll off instead) right and much better than so much of the crap I’ve listened to. I’ve even slept in my side with these in my ears without being bothered because of the shape, light weight of the design. It’s got a cable around and the buds have magnets so I literally wear it all day like a necklace and just turn it in when I feel like it. I love this so much. If any of you have had similar experiences, use cases (using buds in bed) or want to test these out and have 18 bucks to spare I highly recommend these.

(the pinhole camera vibe when u look at the driver scared me lol

Ps. Sorry for going full our boi falenkor and writing an essay!


what do you mean ‘doing it right’ in regards to the treble?

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i mean that the tin t2, dt 770, even hawks and Kz iems can get sibilant because of poor treble or upper middrange. while something like the elex completely removed sibilance from many of my favorite more poorly recorded albums. and stuff like the blons lose the sparkle and aren’t balanced enough for me to enjoy all my music. these on the other hand don’t try to even have good treble and roll off to where i hear no sibilance in my music. so even tho other stuff has alot of detail it also dosen’t have good treble that is never piercing. or upper mids, should have clarified that too


If you’re treble-sensitive I can recommend KZ AS06 IEMs. Full-balanced, fast, great bass (kick drums), a little mid-bump for vocals, and also laid-back treble with zero sibilance. So, electronic music can sound, well, electronic, and not “smoothened”. But sibilance did not happen even on my shittiest recordings, too.

When I’m in the bus, the volume is like, always one click higher than normal, so, with ZS10 Pros, to hear everything I also needed to hear sibilance – not with these. And the effortlessness with which they (AS06) throw information at your ears even in a loud environment is impressive.


Oh I’ve actually used these and have the older models they are pretty decent. Sony has always been very reliably good at making consumer earbuds and are usually my first choice when I have to go to best but to buy a $10 iem cause I forgot mine at home

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yessssss then u feel me! and i was surprised by how good it is. just the fundamentals are so good on these lol. timbre bruh timbre

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what kind of music you listening to Jose?

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i listen to almost anything, what do i listen to on a day to day basis? i listen to alot of spanish ballads, korean pop, hip hop and ambiance/some classical and spanish and korean indie. that’s probably the best way to describe it lol.

I use to own the c300 the sony house sound just really translates well to modern consumer tastes.

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I think u actually might have mentioned before that u enjoyed the Sony consumer tuning alot. Now I feel like ice been missing out for so much lol. Usually I don’t like to listen to kpop on warm headphones but somehow I enjoyed it alot on these.

From what I remember the c200 was tuned to be banged but extended with good midbass presence. But also had the upper mids to lower treble pushed more forward but not too much to be shouty which really brings out the female Kpop voices. But I do remember the treble being slightly peaky but not the type of peaky that would bother me

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That’s interesting. I don’t know about that, at least to my ears there is some treble and the mids are certainly not super pushed in but it seems to me like the male vocals might be more forward than female vocals so far. Which explains too why the vocals are never shout y or sibilant. Far from it as they are silky smooth. There is some treble there of course but it also really really really seems to roll off lol